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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My First Favorite Boss

I have my first guest post coming out this coming Wednesday. Can you say excited? You can preview the link up.  It is a series of guest posts on the subject of 1st jobs.

My first job was rather a dud you will see. It was my second job that rocked so I am sharing about that today.

Some days all the stars and even all your issues align to help you out. I went to a
restaurant near the business college I was enrolled in. We had heard they were hiring.

My friend was in the hunt for a job with me. She had her paperwork and references all together. She filled out the application and was done in a few minutes. Organization on the other hand is not my first gift. My contact information was lost in my purse.

I sat there struggling to fill out my form. By the time I was done the store manager was free. He took the paper from me and did an interview on the spot.

We clicked. I impressed him by simply being alive and vibrant.

“Can you count?” he asked me. 

He was trying to avoid hiring cashiers who would be overly dependent on the cash register telling them what change to give.

I was hired as a hostess to work part time
evenings. When I arrived for work a few days later the assistant manager who was a woman hugged me. She was so excited she did not speak, she gushed.

Her exact words were “You are just as cute as they told me you would be.”

I was a fresh faced 18. Girl next door cute on a good day, sure. Apparently the staff had been a buzz with a new hire coming on board.

The night manager explained to me my job duties. My first job was to get the door.

"When that door opens you greet people like they are entering your home for a dinner party."

That just gave me warm fuzzies and I knew I was in the right place.

There were the other more mundane tasks but I focused emotionally on the social aspect of being at work. I am probably not alone. It felt like a mini family.

I can’t remember how long it took but I eventually was promoted to being a server or waitress. My dream was to own my own restaurant but I did not feel I was on that track just yet.

It seemed like I never went grocery shopping. Working around food and eating on the house, my need was low.

I worked mainly the grave yard shift, by request. "I love the night I like to boogy..." …oh wait it was not that long ago...

Never the less party people gotta eat. It helps to be open late.


  1. Great story...I was there with you while I was reading.

    1. That is the fun of these posts. So many of our stories are common. Be blessed today!

  2. Sounds like a fun first job, and you were smart enough to make it work for you, as well! :-)

    1. Well this was my 2nd official job but yes I rocked it! The post about job #1 will come out on Wednesday as a guest post on David's blog which I linked above.

      I miss working as a stay at home mom now all these years. I love interacting with new people every day.

  3. what a great idea for guest posts! I remember my first interview and this terribly dull grey wool suit I wore. To every interview that first job hunting year.

    1. Yes I am working on a 1st link up or guest posting idea. This one has been great fun. Tomorrow mine goes live on the other site. I cannot wait!

  4. I've definitely gotten more out of the jobs where I had awesome social interaction. The ones that aren't very social are so unsatisfying.