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Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Few Words for the Year

It is January of 2014. Are you excited? Have you planned out the way you want things to go? That might be a little over zealous for me. I do however like the idea of giving the year a word or few.
In 2012 my word was Random. Last year did not get a word and if I had to go back and label it I might have to wash my mouth out with soap. In 2011 I bought a car.

This year however I am Hopeful and Optimistic even while I am Waiting for things to happen.

I was working on a word puzzle that had to do with animals and the word nest as a verb came up. Something about it resonated with me. The idea of preparing and making ready for future events just spoke to my soul. It is what the idea of hope is based on.

There are times in our lives when circumstances seem dire or hopeless. Maintaining proper perspective to get through these days starts with knowing tough times don’t last but tough people do.

We have other sayings like “taking life’s lemons and making them into lemonade”. Sometimes things we are dealing with change and other times we make changes in our actions reactions and perspective to neutralize the pain we are experiencing.

Necessity is the mother of invention” is another quote that feeds the hopefulness of every day. As I mentioned in a post about thanks giving  this past November I try to appreciate the good and what I have even in moments of stress and lack.

The year ended with me looking for a job and a new place to live. I spent the holiday season with family and now the searches continue. New, new, new I have a lot of expectation for the coming months.

I have some business ideas and book prompts stewing. My daughter will be turning 18 and it is the last year for me to enjoy being 30something. Next year I want to spend planning an awesome 40th birthday celebration. 

I do not do resolutions they are just not me. 

People start off the year with all kinds of intentions to do things they have been putting off for months or years.

Lose weight

Get more organized

Read more

Clean up some toxic friendships

Ditch Smoking

My question would be what would make the first of the year a better time for any of these things? If something is a great idea I usually want to get right on to doing it.

I tackled weight one summer. I never started smoking. My relationships all start off healthy and die natural deaths as needed.

I used to be an avid reader. Now I masquerade as an internet junkie. 

I am not addicted however. 

I am an extrovert who appreciates that internet never sleeps, touches the whole world and is only as expensive as my laptop and WIFI services. 

How could I not be drawn in?