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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Shiny Red Shoes Find

Found! by toscasac
Found!, a photo by toscasac on Flickr.

Winter of 08 as I started college before my financial aid came in I was hurting for funds.

Being a savvy thinker I decided to dumpster dive for cans and bottles to have money for gas.

It turned out I lived near an apartment complex where a lot of really neat things were being thrown away still perfectly usable.

I would dress in old clothes and shoes wearing kitchen gloves to keep my hands clean.

My haul included:

  • A grocery paper bag full of Variety Puzzle Books
  • Clothes
  • A desk lamp and organizer
  • Cute strapy sandals
  • Those amazing shiny red shoes
  • A large extra thick girly colored comforter (shown under the shoes)

Such odd blessings when all I wanted was enough money to fuel my car. lol

I gathered things for weeks on different days. The day I found the sandals and the red shoes I saw one red shoe and the other was no where to be found. The sandals I seemed to find in pairs so something told me the other red one was in there some where. I couldn't give up they are so darling.

Finally sweet success!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Church Family

So a week ago I found a new local home church through MeetUp. 

I was excited to attend but of course having no car is an issue.

I actually ran across a handful of groups. One I found a few weeks ago. I joined but they were planning to meet evenings in the South Sac area. No bus service so that is pretty much out. This new group I thought was close to me in the north east area. There is one that is and it meets Sunday mornings.

The group I was most interested in turns out to be in the north west. Or rather Natomas lol and guess where for those who have been around long enough? The same apartment complex where I lived last winter. Gosh this town is small.

They meet Sunday evenings @5pm and when I inquired the organizer indicated that he could get me a ride to come and check things out. With nary more communication until the very last minute I had my doubts. Kept praying heard nothing.

Finally the day wound down and I was getting ready. I had spent hours playing YouTube videos of worship music. I awoke with Mary Did You Know on the brain and played it at least half a dozen times.

The gathering was nice. A good full room mix of old and new people various ages and stations in life. We ate dinner and were able to sort of chat a bit before reading from the Bible. There was music. We ended in prayer. All in all not at all bad. I felt peaceful and will hope to continue among them for a time. Excited to see what God might have in store for us.

I attended alone. My daughter was with her father on an unsupervised visit. I am a single mother. When I met the group and was getting to know them I told them about me being a mom and other things by way of introduction.

After we ate we had music Bible reading and conversations about the Word. We were to end in a prayer. Everyone was invited to offer up prayer requests or pray for a request spoken or unspoken. One of the other new and visiting attendees felt led to pray for my daughter. This struck me as a bit odd but I appreciated it.

When I got home she told me she had been “manipulating spirits with her dad.” while she was spending time in his home.

Yikes! Wow thank you Holy Spirit. I miss prayer and the flow at N2H my most recent church home but it has almost been a year since I was there.

Time flies.