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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Independent

As I have mentioned in this protracted political series here on the blog, when I came of voting age I sat down to read about the parties I could align myself with.

I liked many things I saw. There were things I did not like. In the end it felt like no one party completely represented all that was important to me.

I am all for peace for instance but I am a military BRAT. Meaning both of my parents were soldiers. I also understand that the 50 united mostly connected states are a huge target. We must be prepared to defend ourselves and help others in need.

I believe there are things the government should do, handle, regulate and over see. The vast majority of things I understand that states should have control over.

Both major parties have been involved in scandals and perhaps worse, politics as usual. I might love some really new fresh non partisan ideas. I am still waiting.
So I signed on as an Independent.

I was more liberal as a wayward teen. I enjoyed being under Clinton. I also had no problem sitting under the Bush’s maybe they reminded me of the elders in my past.

I take an interest in issues represented by propositions on my ballots. I care about the officials we elect because character matters.

I try to assess them by their actions, stance and record not just party affiliations.

When new parties pop up into view I take a serious moment to look over what they represent. I am not so locked in to the two major sides that I cannot conceive of more or different.

If it seems or sounds confusing to think of contemplating multiple parties it is really not.

I know more people struggle with accepting whole party platforms. I hope they do not do it out of fear and miss information.

There are some restrictions when voting as a registered Independent but there are restrictions and implications when registering with parties as well.

I have no regrets or misgivings.

I like being free to do what I feel the country needs not just what one group expects from me. I usually run just a little off the grain and or grid. This is not collective think. We are individuals.

So I registered last month. I have moved too many times in the past four years. I finally went to vote by mail. Not because I want to mail it in. I do that so I can sit at home to fill out my ballot.

The day of I just want to drop off my signed envelope and get my sticker!

I hope you voted AI, D, G, I, L, P…maybe…, R or something other. We could use that write in slot to sweep the country for change one year!

For now there is plenty on the ballots to get behind. Individual issues not party affiliations.

That is the life blood of any nation. Citizens have to grasp hold of that. 

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Undecided Voter 2012

It took me until late last month to remember the reason for undecided voters. I know there are actually many. Still I am talking about why candidates stump and have debates.

All citizens in good standing have the right to vote and should exercise it. This includes being informed which is not always easy. It takes time.  

With everything that one can find out on paper or online the in public test of a candidates abilities cannot be ignored. 

Not everyone inspires admiration when they speak or draws people in with their communication. Some people do it better than others. Leaders emerge when put to the test. Those who would follow them are in receiver mode and latch on when they hear something they need, want or perceive as beneficial.

Never the less there are the non-informed coin flippers that will vote. I remember hearing the parties are the same” a lot during previous election seasons.

For those who feel this way the issues on the table are not ones that concern them. Worse is when people get jaded and don’t think their voice/vote counts. 

The current POTUS has had these four years to present himself and his abilities to us. 

The deck was stacked against him with those who did not vote him in but there was always hope. There have even been changes here and there.  

Some were disappointing but most not shockingly so. 

I was discussing the issues with a contact who said for the first time in her various voting years she was not enthusiastically attracted to either major party candidate for president. I was a bit shocked. 

The right person for a job is not always someone you want to 'go grab a beer with'.

Having someone personally so warm, fuzzy and impressive that you might want them in your living room is gravy. What a big nation or organization needs is someone to make the hard decisions, tow the line and bear the responsibility.

This year there were a few key things so important to me the only option was to align with whoever could support them. 

Thus proving the quote “Politics make strange bedfellows.”

It is not a blind alignment. I watched all year to make sure those I was looking to did not disqualify themselves by showing fear, weakness or faltering on the things I wanted them to stand for.

Many people were waiting for this moment when basically all has been said and done.
There are those who dislike all the options equally.

The questions are marinating.

“Is voting non mainstream really a vote against the major party candidate they would most like?"

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video #3

Hello Again All,

I think I might be getting the hang of video blogging. I am still not a huge fan. Or if I am there is still something about the written word.

My lame camera does not help. Maybe it is helping you. It is keeping me still and calm. I would love to be more animated.

That makes things blurry however. Instead I am trying to keep still and in frame. Oh well. Enjoy!

Find Ms Munchie on her blog or on Twitter where I think I met her.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Healthy Fall Eating

Here we are going in to the fall season. The nation exploded with chatter about the Pumpkin Spice Starbucks Latte. 
I have never had one. The one I had from another local vendor was less than impressive. 

I am a Mocha kind of girl who adds spices to her French Pressed coffee already to achieve various flavor intensity all year.

I mention the seasonal treat for a couple of reasons. One is that issue of seasonal tastes and treats. We all enjoy food. It is half the fun of eating and many times part of the reason trying to get a handle on things, when they are out of whack in our diet can be so hard.

Certain tastes flavors and textures just lend themselves to times of the year.
One of the more problematic reasons I mentioned the seasonal latte is because drinking extra calories can be a real diet saboteur. 

The liquids we consume might be a key to weight and a host of other issues we are facing. Maybe tomorrow I will make a post on water consumption. I know it is not every ones favorite thing to drink as far as taste and flavors are concerned. Still doing what is best for one’s health is our goal.

I do not drink water because I like it. I gulp it down because it is good for me. If only ingesting vegetables was also this easy for me…

If you are dreading the season we have entered not to mention the winter months to follow due to all the delightful food temptations headed our way please take heart. 

Do not dread. Eating well does not mean you cannot have treats. It means you need to eat more balanced.

It means you need to add fiber and water. Living well will include getting moving if you are not already and weight loss will get a mighty shot in the arm if you ramp up your work out even for a few weeks.

As October is winding to a close get a food journal going. By the first of next month you should see your patterns and weak spots.

If you are not eating three or more meals evenly spaced throughout the day your body probably assumes you are in a famine and is reacting by hoarding calories.

When you are improperly hydrated (this means not drinking water) it slows down your metabolism. You want your metabolism on RED HOT and on HIGH. 

You accomplish this first by:
  1. Eating 
  2. Hydration
  3. Less Junk Foods 
  4. Less Highly Processed Complex Food 
  5. Enjoying Simple Natural Whole Food Items
I am convinced a person cannot over consume for their activity level on a one ingredient natural diet. 

The great thing is by switching out even one or two meals or snacks that are usually chips or a baked good low in fiber for something easier to digest it frees up calories to purpose towards a treat or extra.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

35 Blogging Prompts

I have gotten out of the blogging/writing habit. This is bad as school days come to a close and papers are due.

It is even worse for the poor little blog which just sits here.

The irony is there are things I want to write about. I just do not feel like I feel like writing if that makes any sense.

I even have a ton of blog prompts jotted down on pieces of paper. So today I help myself in a few ways.I am also helping you who need a jolt of inspiration. 

Worse case scenario you will know all about what my blog posts through the end of the year will look like.

What is more likely to happen: Life.

I write about what is going on, what has happen or whatever captures my passion when I come to the page.

Animals – Elephant
My 1st Car
Real overnight successes
Sisters or growing up without them…
Independent Voters
Undecided Voters
Why I write Non Fiction
San Francisco
New York
Jig Saw Puzzles
Girlfriend Get Aways
Multiple Streams of Income
Direct Selling Adventures
Pizza Box Guitar for kids
Adoption/Foster Care
Being the scoop
Stories of my teen antics
Bacon or Coffee
TV Viewing Seasonal
Public Service
Public (Motivational) Speaking
Sustainable Living
Sugar Substitutes and Cancer risks
Job Hunting
Colds and Flu/Prevention and fighters
Attachment Parenting

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Remember

My daughter is so young she would not really remember 9/11 if it wasn’t for what we were doing that day.

She was 4 going on 5.

I awoke and was getting ready for work at 7am PSA (West Coast). 

Usually talk radio greets me. This day was odd every station had on some rambling news. It really was not anything I could make out.

Arriving at work the tv was on or turned on. We worked in a home but this was unusual.

I was in the home of a local Hugo nominated author. We were Nannies or care takers for a couple of BABIES. 

I called them the Menopause Twins because they were twins, a boy and girl. Age wise they were 17 months old but each weighed around 38 pounds making them the size of preschoolers.

This enabled their motor skills and physical abilities at an accelerated rate. They were quiet and good natured. It was a fun job. We were  being nicely compensated to boot. The only thing do dislike was the 7am start time.
The poignancy of the day was that August had been the award ceremony for the Hugo. The mini version of what was a larger blended family had taken the trip back east and spent two weeks. 

Plenty of time to see the sights and sounds of New York City.

It is a rocking place. I have been there once for a few days. I went with my high school choir. We were booked to perform at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Back to 9/11

So there I was in the home of a family that had just returned from the City. My then boss and I watched the towers fall in real time. I did not want to panic even as the information came in making it seem like no one anywhere might be safe.

Still when I heard that the hijacked planes were fully loaded and west coast bound my heart sank anew.

In a recent conversation via social media a handful of single women and I were talking. My mother always says she knows where she was when Kennedy was shot.

My generation and to some degree children like my daughter whose families were aware or involved say “We remember 9/11…”

These events mark generations. America lost her innocence eleven years ago in September. We had suffered before from within and without. December 7th is coming. 

Still we had never seen anything like imbedded terrorists. A new normal settled in and life has gone on.
I hope we have learned a little more geography along with our new words. I hope we are more tolerant. I hope our enemies can see Americans might be a mess but we are not weak. 

Thank you, service members and volunteers. I love how support just poured out in the midst of the all the misery.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trinket Love

Is this butterfly ring cute or what?

Sometimes a piece of jewelry can really make a look pop!

I like to accessorize. It is part of the fun of being a woman.

The ring goes nicely with the butterfly bracelet which is made of leather. An interesting combo leather and the butterfly no?

These necklaces I picked up at the fair when we went last month. I think I have worn them all now.
Here are a few of my necklace holders. Why when I am getting dressed and trying to accessorize do I feel like the selection needs to increased or be tweaked?

Can you believe I found this darling thing thrown out on the side of the road? It reminds me of a mail box and a weather vane.

Here I am decked out for graduation last year. I am not doing it justice but that dress is well made. It was a delightful last minute upscale thrift find. Score!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Missed A Date

I’m late I’m late
Anyone remember Alice in Wonderland?

Be Late For Something Day? Sounds like something a procrastinator dreamed up.

I am not sure I need a day to celebrate. In fact I think that the reason I am not more timely is because I am so laid back.

It is not that I want others to wait on me or do not value their time as equal to my own. I know some therapist suggest this is a reason certain people continuously run late. 

Many times with me it is the under estimation on how long getting ready or traveling to a place will take that causes me to run behind.

If I did not know myself better I would be far more worried.

Instead I know that I have taken trips on planes and gotten around via public transit so I know I can keep a time schedule and be where I am expected in a timely manner.

Most things in life aside from a job with a time clock are not that rigidly controlled in terms of start times.

I like to stay up late. 
I like to sleep in. 

When I wake up I like to take it easy. I do not want to be hurried or rushed. When I do get ready before the appointed time that I have set to leave the house there is always something more that can be done. 

Leaving early never makes the top of that list.

The list is comprised of simple things that should only take a few minutes. It can be a house hold chore. Other times it is an extra bit of prep I wanted for the adventure but had put on the optional side of "things to do".

I will opt for something like throwing a load of laundry in the washer or applying a coat of nail polish.

Constantly missing appointments that caused me distress would cause me to amend my behavior. So far, some how, I manage to just squeak by.

I know how to pack extra things to do, with me. 

This is a piece of advice given to those who are afraid they will be bored arriving early and having to wait. 

If you have not tried this it's simple and can be productive. 
Take along a book you are reading, some paper work you need to review, bills you need to pay, paper and pen so you can take notes, doodle, draft etc., download games on your Kindle or other type ereader.

I keep puzzle books on hand. I know many love Suduko. I prefer letters to numbers so I like Variety Game Puzzle Books.

I carry things with me but I would still rather get things done around the house.

What I would really prefer would be to work from home or plan events that have people coming to me, preferably in the afternoon or evening.

God bless those Type A people and early risers. I am just not one of them.

Give me midnight. I love the night life. Oh wait I mentioned that already…

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A 10 Day Diet

I have gone vegan. Wait this is very temporary. 
I really do not believe in ultra limiting one’s diet as a general way of living. I love items from all over the food pyramid if you will and I believe in balance.
So why then am I doing this? A challenge of sorts of course.

10 days of natural eating 

No dairy
No beverages besides water

These words are all torturous to me. 

Only fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables are on the menu. Nothing pre-made, processed or refined so that means no white rice, bread or breading.

I am not a huge meat eater. I am also not huge on dairy. It is just the little things that make food so yummy. I am glad I can use spices and seasonings.

The biggest issue is I am a SuperTaster who dislikes the taste of most vegetables. The ones I do like and eat are usually not eaten as single items.

The other issue is this challenge started this week but my grocery shopping day is not until the weekend. I did not get a chance to stock up.

Oh well the good news is a plain vegan diet can be nutritious.

I won’t call it filling with all the things I do not want to eat but I usually under eat so I am not hungry as I nosh on what I have available.

I marvel at people who eat like this on purpose long term or those who have chosen the raw diet life. I know there are those living with illness and allergies who have had to cut things out. 

Nothing was bothering me so losing foods I am used to enjoying has taken the joy out of eating. Good things life is ultimately about more. 

That is the point of the challenge.

This is why I am subjecting myself to this misery. I will be glad when it is over.

I am at my target weight. I do not expect that to change. I thought I would be more hungry or thirsty but so far I feel fine. 

Not even a big caffeine headache so that has been nice.

My nation by the average is filled with unbalanced over eaters. It causes some of the illness and suffering that occurs in the life times of our citizens. 

I was amazed to see a chart in a health book that showed this information. It is as much about over eating as it is empty calorie consumption. 

Statistically those persons who have a habit of fasting in their lives live longer. I found that fascinating as well. 

Eating and breathing ages the human body. Wow! 
Both are things we need. Both contribute to the circle of life and death. These are reasons to take a hard look how we are living.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Civility For All

Yesterday my daughter blogged about an interesting and slightly complex issue.

Who deserves respect?

When asked this way it seems like a value test that people need to pass. 

I would rather more people ask themselves: Is this behavior civil?

Where did public civility go?

The truth is probably that it has been falling apart from home for a long time.

These are the teachable moments when you realize what your kids know and what they are still missing.

The little mini me has a feisty side. It is not so much temper for tempers sake. More she is a fierce defender of what she sees as herself or her rights as well as those she cares about and loves.

These are wonderful things about her. Look out Nancy Grace my girl could grow up to give you a run for your money.

I would be delighted if she was thinking about going into law and order. It is looking like she is leaning more creative and will follow in her mother’s footsteps of community activism.

This will also be delightful. It can mean making a scene or a splash from time to time.

There might be time for heated arguments and raised voices. They should be few and far between. I do not think cursing is needed in public discourse for the purpose of advancing community and accomplishing projects.

There are the rules of social media that I am trying to instill:

Do not engage brats

Don’t assume the worst in someone’s responses

Be willing to let things go

There are on-going principles parents try to instill:

Think about your actions, the motivations and the consequences thereof.

Deal with your stuff. 

Do not operate in reactive mode based on injured or immature emotions. 

Maybe none of that seems powerful or comforting in a heated moment.

This is why the older generations are supposed to have learned these lessons and be mentoring the youth.
Sadly my daughter has not had great models all around when it comes to personal behaviors. I have controlled my home to a large degree but the real world is just outside the door.

Thankfully I do not have to say too much. Patterns of personal behavior that are ineffective present themselves clearly to all who will look and see.

A person should be able to keep a job and maintain relationships in the community. This takes common civility. Not much more and not much less.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watching Real Drama

If you did not know, I really like reality television.

Now before we go any further I find it necessary to define what I mean by that. 

When I say reality t.v. I mean shows with non actors or actors and no scripts, but not improv. To this end I also enjoy sane talk shows. I am over my addiction to the Jerry Springer show, thankfully.

I have a fascination for watching and knowing all about real people. Actors are beautiful but some are vapid. I do not want a talking head or and air head. I want real interaction.

First let me say I have been watching since MTV did their first Real World experiment. 

Things have really broadened since then.

There are some great families we have gotten to know through this new vein of television entertainment. 

Who does not love:

The Little Couple
The Roloffs 
The Duggars?

I like some of the food shows: Top Chef, Cake Boss, Food Network Star, Chopped etc.

I love Patti Stanger  and Dr Phil.

I do not watch any of the housewives shows, Bad Girls or the Jersey Situation…

People fighting and yelling, getting drunk and acting badly do not attract me.

Instead I watch the Bachelor shows and Big Brother.

We watch the hair style shows. My daughter discovered LA Hair. There were others before Tabitha was taking over everywhere.

I like to see people being successful at accomplishing things. I want to see people growing and changing.

Families or individuals going about their everyday with us looking in from a birds eye view, that excites me.

There is one set of shows that surprised me. 

When I heard they were going to have shows about teen moms I did not think I would want to watch. 

I was a young mom. I am still a single mom. I understand the issues all too well.

I caught a reunion episode that sort of drew me in. I got a little tense when I heard one of the moms saying her and the baby’s father had given their child up for adoption.

After seeing the reunions I saw a segment of the show 16 and Pregnant that convinced me not only that these young parents made the best decision for all concerned but worse that they were raising their own parents.

The girl’s mother is married to or dating the boys father. 

More importantly in that episode the mom and daughter were fighting. 

Into another room the girl goes and she 
says to her boyfriend “I think my mom is mad at me.”

She returns to her mothers presence to find out why. 

Her mother tells her “I am upset at you for giving away my grandchild.”


I do understand the complex emotions this might cause.

There are just other ways to deal with them besides throwing a fit about something else in your home so that your teenager has to sit you down and drag the true pain out of you.

Never mind the idea that said teen gave away said baby because she has no one to look up to who could help her raise it.

Better than any soap opera. I was over those as a young child when I realized how they string people along. There is none of that in reality television. 

For all its flaws it is raw and real. Whatever is happening has gone on in real time and there are very few secrets.