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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A 10 Day Diet

I have gone vegan. Wait this is very temporary. 
I really do not believe in ultra limiting one’s diet as a general way of living. I love items from all over the food pyramid if you will and I believe in balance.
So why then am I doing this? A challenge of sorts of course.

10 days of natural eating 

No dairy
No beverages besides water

These words are all torturous to me. 

Only fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables are on the menu. Nothing pre-made, processed or refined so that means no white rice, bread or breading.

I am not a huge meat eater. I am also not huge on dairy. It is just the little things that make food so yummy. I am glad I can use spices and seasonings.

The biggest issue is I am a SuperTaster who dislikes the taste of most vegetables. The ones I do like and eat are usually not eaten as single items.

The other issue is this challenge started this week but my grocery shopping day is not until the weekend. I did not get a chance to stock up.

Oh well the good news is a plain vegan diet can be nutritious.

I won’t call it filling with all the things I do not want to eat but I usually under eat so I am not hungry as I nosh on what I have available.

I marvel at people who eat like this on purpose long term or those who have chosen the raw diet life. I know there are those living with illness and allergies who have had to cut things out. 

Nothing was bothering me so losing foods I am used to enjoying has taken the joy out of eating. Good things life is ultimately about more. 

That is the point of the challenge.

This is why I am subjecting myself to this misery. I will be glad when it is over.

I am at my target weight. I do not expect that to change. I thought I would be more hungry or thirsty but so far I feel fine. 

Not even a big caffeine headache so that has been nice.

My nation by the average is filled with unbalanced over eaters. It causes some of the illness and suffering that occurs in the life times of our citizens. 

I was amazed to see a chart in a health book that showed this information. It is as much about over eating as it is empty calorie consumption. 

Statistically those persons who have a habit of fasting in their lives live longer. I found that fascinating as well. 

Eating and breathing ages the human body. Wow! 
Both are things we need. Both contribute to the circle of life and death. These are reasons to take a hard look how we are living.


  1. Congratulations, Tosca. This is a great thing to do, even if only to help you appreciate what you have available in other foods when you return to being an omnivore. If everyone ate primarily veggies, energy consumption in our country would probably decrease by about half, particularly if the veggies are mostly locally grown. Brava!

    1. Thank you. I am struggling today. My legs hurt. I am thinking I need to go vegetarian not so much vegan. As I said I believe in balance. I know statistically Americans over eat and focus too much on meat. It would shift the world if this changed. The diet I usually eat is high in grain and includes dairy.

      I tried to make a list of the 12 things I am missing. I could only come up with 11. Some things I would eat I cannot prepare the way I like them. This is one of the things that keeps me from wanting to travel the world. Food being enjoyable is a big part of a great life.

  2. You are doing so well!! I am updating about my journey tomorrow, feel free to link-up!

    1. Thanks! I had a yummy hearty snack and I feel better. I needed a pick me up.

      I found you on G+. I will drop by the blog again tomorrow after grocery shopping to see how you are doing.

  3. This sounds great. I did the elimination diet a few years ago (as my doctor requested) to find out if any foods in particular were causing or exacerbating FIbromyalgia symptoms. It was for a whole month. The diet is actually very similar to this, only it looks like you get to start off with more options, whereas I had to add a few things daily. These types of diets are difficult, but they really do help determine if you have issues with particular foods, can help you lose weight, and can open our eyes to new or different choices on a regular basis that we can dd in to our regular diet! Kudos for taking on the challenge of this diet!

    1. It helps that I finally was able to get to the grocery store. Trader Joes to be exact. I did pick up a few new things to try and some old ones that I will try in new ways or with new things to see if I can make them palatable enough. I really miss warm drinks however.

      I just hope I never really have to live this way. It has taken all the joy out of eating regularly. I have to remind myself it is not a no food fast so I must eat something instead of skipping meals. I know it is not hurting me so that is some confirmation. Thanks