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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Mother's Day Perk

Last weekend was Mother’s day weekend. Things around here were busy as usual. Saturday morning I was rushing out the door to roller derby practice and noticed a box had been left behind the bush near my doorstep. 

I threw it in the house and all but forgot about it. Still I had a pretty good idea what it was. I had not ordered a recent Miche (purses and bags) shipment to augment my collection of stash of cash and carry. 

My recent Melalueca order had come in previous days. Vista print materials came last month.  

No, this box was something very special and all for me as a mom. A rare treat especially because it was FREE. 

A while before, I had gotten the now rather familiar notice in my inbox, saying I was eligible for a Klout Perk. 

I have posted and shared about a few of our previous Perks. 

Klout is a web site that strives to reveal where we all stand in terms of social media influence. If you are reading this message and are on at least two other social networks you have Klout. 

The more your content is seen, shared and reacted with the higher your Klout score. In appreciation of the work that we do, being busy online, keeping the internet abuzz, perks come at times. Offers or discounts etc. based on our levels of influence and at times our interests. 

The latest offering that I had accepted was for fair trade goodies. 

Chocolate, Coffee, Tea and Coupons! It was a delightful box to open on a day when the budget was squeezed tight and the kitchen a mess. 

My first thought upon walking into the kitchen had been that I wanted to run across the street to the doughnut shop for a mocha. 

I was lumping around feeling sorry for myself because I could not afford that, when I remembered, the box! 

I opened it and dived right in. I tried both chocolate bars and made myself a mug of hot tea. 

It was later that I cleaned the water pot and French Press for a nice bold smooth java kick. I have not quite come forth with a post on fair trade but it is an issue present in my consciousness. 

You have probably been hearing about it, maybe even trying to make better choices in product purchasing but it can be a challenge. When I posted that I was hosting a Miche event the other day and inviting my friends and contact to participate one of the first questions was about issues concerning environmental consciousness and fair trade if you will. 

It would be nice if all companies prominently posted their stance on these issues along with all of their other contact and biographical information. It would be great if they all cared and worked to deal only with eco-friendly fair trade products and procedures. This reminds me of the post I need to make about the UnJunk candy I tried. 

For now I am still enjoying my Mothers Day goodies:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Concert Fun (PT 2)

We shuffled a little closer to the stage past some really tall fellows. They laughed at us shorties saying as long as we did not block their view they were happy to make room for us. 

Then two men only about 5ft6 to 5ft8 shuffled to right in front of us.

I am 5ft2 or there about and so was the MeetUp gal. The men did not speak to us or even to each other but after they stopped moving and looked around they silently shuffled to be behind us instead of blocking our view from the front.

Finally the band came out and the crowd went wild. As predicted as soon as music started the crowd, with us in it, moved. We swayed to and fro. It was almost hypnotic and a little stifling. Then there was jumping and wiggling.
A couple of times I was worried that I might fall down but the group was not violent. There seemed to be a cohesion to what we were doing. 

I lost my buddy in the crowd. I was about three rows from stage as the performance went on. I am glad we pushed our way into the crowd.

I would not have known what I was missing from way back in the corner of the establishment.

People did not seem to mind my sweater. It was after all, soft to the touch. 

At the end of the night as the crowd dissipated I started looking for my buddy so I could at least say goodbye to her as well as make sure she got out of the grip of the conga guy who had grabbed her around the waist.

I found her quickly as people thinned out. I happened to glance down and see someone had lost a shoe in all the melee. I thought this was funny. 

Looking up I looked around and a guy was hobbling on one foot saying he had lost his shoe. I thought oh great looks like he’ll get it back quick. 

Then I looked at the foot he was standing on and back at the shoe near me. They were not a match. I thought this was hilarious!

I had not seen any other shoes and I kept walking. I came home on a high and with a small crush on the bands lead singer. What am I a teenager all over? 

Current day television viewers seem to think that Dancing With the Stars is all the rage. My women counter parts want to try and get their significant others to take dance classes. 

There are even some singles groups that host adult dance events. None of that interests me. I like music and I even have rhythm there is just something about these tame events that just did never seemed grab me.
Now I know I like modified moshing and or pogoing.

Get in the pit and try to love someone...Kid Rock

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Concert Fun (PT1)

During a short cold snap we had this winter I went to a local concert almost on a whim.

A gal in one of my MeetUp groups wanted to see the Canadian rock band Sum41 play at Ace of Spades downtown. I went looking for the band on YouTube because their name sounded familiar. I discovered I did remember their music so I was in.

It was due to the cold snap that I happened to be wearing a pastel BIG fuzzy sweater. So there I was looking like a suburb dweller amidst a sea of urban youth. 

It was one of the only times I felt I was showing my age. The club was warm but I was dressed to avoid carrying a coat for my travels to and from the buildings etc.

The MeetUp gal did not seem to notice that I felt conspicuous. She had on a thin black tank with her hair in pigtail braids although we looked to be closer in age than to the median of the crowd. She had a beer. 

I abstained. Then she said she wanted to get closer to the stage. I was happy hanging out in a far corner by the bar. Feeling emboldened by her we headed into the less than standing room only crowd. She forged ahead and I stayed close to her. Everyone was everywhere. 

There had been warm ups before the band I was there to see. I was arriving late due to an evening class. Now that I am surrounded by a sea of young humans with barely room to breathe I begin to hear what all is going on or about to.

One teen guy says “When the music starts we are gonna go crazy wild.”

I am thinking there is NO room for that. As it is people are putting their hands on you and already pressed up against you like a bad date. If they are going somewhere they shuffle by but not usually very quickly. 

A random girl grabbed my hips and swished me so we were dancing like a conga line. Then she was gone. Next a random guy came near me and did the same. He moved over to the gal I was with and he stayed with her. He went from holding her at her hips I think to holding her around the waist. 

Still we were waiting for the band to perform. The crowd shuffled a bit and us in it. Suddenly the guy in front of us who we were thus obliged to touch and be pressed against was all sweaty from head to waist.

We shuffled away from him but my gal pal did not lose her escort. I asked her if he was getting a little too friendly and if she needed my help. 

We could have always grabbed each other and pretended to be a serious couple if we felt we were being preyed upon. She told me keeping the one lone guy in check was better than having a host of random guys pressing on her from behind so things seemed ok.