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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brainylicious! says I'm a Mega-Dorky High Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!

Yes I find these things fun fun fun. Call me geeky girly non obsessive.

I am just a social bug that went digital.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Helpful To A Point

Another milestone is being passed and the jury is in. I do not want to help people who can't be bothered to help themselves. Yeah I said it. "Count up the costs" is a good adage. People who ignore good advice are like those who fail to know history. Doomed to repeat the mistakes that are clearly marked as results of their actions.

This comes about because Big Bold Fearless Leader that I seem to be I live on the edge. I do things that make others feel unsure of themselves and uncomfortable. I can be unconventional but my life is working for me. I do not ask for much help or hardly any advice. I know my limits and capabilities.

The longer I live the more other people I have time to notice and there definitely seem to be strong personality types who are not this thoughtful or put together. It is one thing to make a bold leap. It is another thing to have no idea what you are going to land.

I ran across a post on a social network I love from a newish member who wanted to get some information. The posed question seemed to come from an ignorant place. The information sought is out there and easy enough to find even for a newbie.

Upon inspection indeed the poster had circumvented the conventional methods of involvement at the least. I chattered along in the thread of the question not talking to the original poster since it didn't seem they really wanted help just to make noise.

People both agreed with what I was doing and decided I was mean for not just gushing up with help and support for the lost newbie. Said newbie admitted openly that she saw the instructions for how to interface with the site we are on but she didn't "buy it".

lol Wow give people time and space. They will reveal who they really are and even indicate which problems they are operating with. Suddenly I became the bad guy and antagonist to the crowd watching. Thankfully because of the crowd and the tension aside from me the whole mess was quashed.

Someone emailed me calling me out saying I was being mean and that I was making the newbie look bad. lol Yeah okay... Saw a shirt at the fair this month "I'm Grumpy because you're Dopey" maybe I need to get one for days like I just had.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can the sky fall?

lol Anyone remember that childhood story? I think it was a chicken little who had like an acorn fall on their head and decided the sky was falling... Yeah something like that.

That is about how I feel for these predictions of the world as we know it coming to an end. Not that I believe it will continue on forever. I simply do not believe anyone who is out proclaiming they know exactly when it will cease to exist.

No one who has previously predicted it has ever been correct.

The biggest prediction up coming is the 2012 non sense. Gonna pass us by like Y2K folks I promise.

The last time the known world was put on notice that things as they knew it were going to change was at the flood. There will be no other clear universal specific sign. Live right and ready to exit because life is a death sentence that is not promised to any of us for more than the breath we last took.

I like a saying I see on buttons and bumper stickers: "If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space."

Yes sure you can call me a radical. We can discuss this further if you are intrigued or even want more information I don't mind sharing.

Just a friendly PSA for those tempted to be culled away by crafty entertainers. The good news I guess is that I haven't heard of any doomsday cults planning on sipping poisoned juice or anything to hasten their mass exit. The majority of those who will get sucked into these nonsense followings will live to get over themselves and their folly.

The sad thing is when false prophets are revealed in these days they are not forced into hiding much less repentance. Instead they recalculate and the sheeple just regroup and keep hanging on.

Please if you are going to head in a direction don't follow someone who has gotten you lost. Might as well strike out on your own if you can't find a map and read it well.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your life every day. Don't spend it trying to figure out things that are none of your business there are plenty of other things you need to be doing. Leave a legacy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A sick dd

The darling daughter is ill this day. The saddest thing a parent has to tred through is doctoring a kidlet who is under the weather. She is taller than me and last weekend we bleached her hair before striping it with three different colors.

None of this matters when she starts the day early with "Mom I don't feel well." sigh

No matter what else is going on you are reminded how much you love and care for them as well as the fragility of life. So now she is resting. I had a very late nap from 11pm to 3:30 a.m. so I am wide awake!

She had a popsicle before drifting off and now I think I will too. The weird thing would be yesterday when I awoke around this time my tummy was grumbling and seeming upset. Later when I logged into Facebook one of my contacts also wasn't feeling well tummy wise. I suggested it was in the air 'cause I hadn't even had any water yet. lol sigh.

Sending out hope and prayers for others who are dealing with sick friends and family. I know a couple of people have some rather serious issues going on. It is a reminder to be really greatful daily for health and strength. As well as to take the best care of self one can.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Are Blessed Do You See?

I have to be at work in 11 hours. I just cleaned my bathroom and started a load of laundry. It is 5 am lol this is my life. I am not up early...I just don't sleep much. A nap is scheduled between perhaps 7am & 11am....that is the plan.

hahahaha about plans. My plans anyway, some days I barely know why I make them. Maybe they are just an out line of how my days and life could go.

Sunday my plan was to attend church then pick up my daughter and head to the last day of the state fair. Weird Al was performing. Wanting to catch the show @ 8pm meant we needed to be there in time to see all the sites and enjoy some rides.

Saturday night was another like this one where sleep was rather elusive and my scheduled nap was interrupted by the daughter calling to get details on our days plans. Feeling a bit run down I opted to watch my churches service via the internet which let me sleep till 11.

Problems with the internet and computer meant I could not at all multi task like I wanted. Just to paint my nails and other small things like take some pictures to add here and elsewhere. Does this sound sacrilegious? Just keep reading....

The plan was to meet with the daughter or even be at the fair by 2pm. It was 4pm and I was leaving the house in Rocklin. Dropping by the trash bins to deposit some stuff I saw a nice looking vacuum sitting around with a sign that said FREE works well.

Stashed that in the garage and headed for the freeway which was a nightmare! Skirted on to surface streets. Had to pick up some groceries to bless the step family where my daughter has been staying and finally we were free to go.

Speaking of free as we walked and waited to enter Cal Expo having parked a block or so away a lady handed us two $2 off coupons for entrance. Before we got wanded & entered the gates a young couple in front of us turned and offered us half of their Poppy Pack. Entrance to the fair FREE.

The concert was sold out but just as good in the public seating surrounding the venue. We saw and heard everything. It went on past 10pm. The daughters step sisters spirited her away for a bit to enjoy a few more rides than we had time for. After the concert we bought some more tickets and enjoyed a few more.

These kinds of days filled with simple blessings are praise and SHOUT worthy to me.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Odd usual night

Last night was another one of those nights. As odd as it was ordinary for me anyway. I close up FTA right on schedule and head to one of the two week night services @ my church Nations2Harvest.

Service starts half an hour before I get off work so there is that, however when I arrive I almost feel like I did not need to be there since the message is more for the stragglers who need to step up their game and commit.

I notice a new gal watching intently sitting alone. After the message I stand around awkwardly during the transition. People come and go I say hi, bye and how ya here and there.

Stashing my purse, notebook and Bible I notice a member who has always been gracious towards me and head over to say hello. This seats me near the new gal and eventually we exchange greetings.

I chat with the member catching up, talking of future plans. Suddenly the daughter of the member I am speaking to, who is sitting nearby and has been chatting with the new gal, pipes up. The new woman I am sitting next to wants to learn to crochet.

All I could do was laugh and head back to my items to grab a business card. By faith she told me she had gone to the store and bought supplies just that day determined to learn the craft not really knowing where or how to begin.

Not sure how helpful my over load of info was linking her to Ravelry, telling her about Flickr, including my # & email. Lastly I mentioned YouTube for instant video help. lol sigh

I wonder if this was more the reason I needed to be there? It was nice to have praise & worship time following the service. I do miss that regular dance space. Something elegant and floaty happens in those moments it's like meditation but not. I could do this at home but come to think of it I never have.

I further wonder if I can move the hand of God with my faith....something about having not for asking not....ggrrr lol sigh