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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Odd usual night

Last night was another one of those nights. As odd as it was ordinary for me anyway. I close up FTA right on schedule and head to one of the two week night services @ my church Nations2Harvest.

Service starts half an hour before I get off work so there is that, however when I arrive I almost feel like I did not need to be there since the message is more for the stragglers who need to step up their game and commit.

I notice a new gal watching intently sitting alone. After the message I stand around awkwardly during the transition. People come and go I say hi, bye and how ya here and there.

Stashing my purse, notebook and Bible I notice a member who has always been gracious towards me and head over to say hello. This seats me near the new gal and eventually we exchange greetings.

I chat with the member catching up, talking of future plans. Suddenly the daughter of the member I am speaking to, who is sitting nearby and has been chatting with the new gal, pipes up. The new woman I am sitting next to wants to learn to crochet.

All I could do was laugh and head back to my items to grab a business card. By faith she told me she had gone to the store and bought supplies just that day determined to learn the craft not really knowing where or how to begin.

Not sure how helpful my over load of info was linking her to Ravelry, telling her about Flickr, including my # & email. Lastly I mentioned YouTube for instant video help. lol sigh

I wonder if this was more the reason I needed to be there? It was nice to have praise & worship time following the service. I do miss that regular dance space. Something elegant and floaty happens in those moments it's like meditation but not. I could do this at home but come to think of it I never have.

I further wonder if I can move the hand of God with my faith....something about having not for asking not....ggrrr lol sigh

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