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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Helpful To A Point

Another milestone is being passed and the jury is in. I do not want to help people who can't be bothered to help themselves. Yeah I said it. "Count up the costs" is a good adage. People who ignore good advice are like those who fail to know history. Doomed to repeat the mistakes that are clearly marked as results of their actions.

This comes about because Big Bold Fearless Leader that I seem to be I live on the edge. I do things that make others feel unsure of themselves and uncomfortable. I can be unconventional but my life is working for me. I do not ask for much help or hardly any advice. I know my limits and capabilities.

The longer I live the more other people I have time to notice and there definitely seem to be strong personality types who are not this thoughtful or put together. It is one thing to make a bold leap. It is another thing to have no idea what you are going to land.

I ran across a post on a social network I love from a newish member who wanted to get some information. The posed question seemed to come from an ignorant place. The information sought is out there and easy enough to find even for a newbie.

Upon inspection indeed the poster had circumvented the conventional methods of involvement at the least. I chattered along in the thread of the question not talking to the original poster since it didn't seem they really wanted help just to make noise.

People both agreed with what I was doing and decided I was mean for not just gushing up with help and support for the lost newbie. Said newbie admitted openly that she saw the instructions for how to interface with the site we are on but she didn't "buy it".

lol Wow give people time and space. They will reveal who they really are and even indicate which problems they are operating with. Suddenly I became the bad guy and antagonist to the crowd watching. Thankfully because of the crowd and the tension aside from me the whole mess was quashed.

Someone emailed me calling me out saying I was being mean and that I was making the newbie look bad. lol Yeah okay... Saw a shirt at the fair this month "I'm Grumpy because you're Dopey" maybe I need to get one for days like I just had.

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