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Monday, April 5, 2010

My first scoop of a story

Update: The happy couple are enrolled in fall classes and doing well. Yeah!

(This was a scoop and article I wrote up for the student paper around the end of April)

I am doing the Christian single woman happy dance. Why, because another one of our Bible college students is getting married this summer! Formerly named Trinity Life Bible College (TLBC), (could that have stood for Trinity Life Bridal...), now called Epic will be expanding in the lovely year 2010 with a new student couple!

This whole subject of couples and pending weddings takes me all the way back through the Bible from Jesus at the wedding of Cana to Adam & Eve in the garden. Father God our creator is still intertwining hearts the way He has woven our inner most parts together.

The happy couple went to school together from 7th to 10th grade. He was her bully, until one day she put a stop to him messing with her. This sounds more like the bold, strong woman we know. Their lives went on separately until they were innocently reconnected on Facebook the social networking site (started by lonely college boys trying to connect with lovely co-eds).

I asked the bride to be if God specifically told her the timing of or the person whom she was intended to be joined with. She told me she only knew she was being preparing to become a Godly wife and nothing much more. One of the ways her future groom revealed his mature, changed heart to her was by asking for her forgiveness for being a bully all those years ago in school.

“How did you know this was right if it wasn’t love at first sight?" 

That is the all important question us single saints ponder looking at the beauty
of all our potential mates. 

The happy couples answer: A time of separate prayer and fasting.

Having been a single mom for 12 years now she told me she wanted to be sure she laid the relationship and all it’s implications before God releasing her own will and expectations. This is the only way to get past your flesh and hear through The Spirit. Get alone, get quiet and wait. Share with Christians you know and trust that know you. Give them permission to speak into your life from their perspective on the issue. If you don’t like what they say take it to God.

The happy engaged couple are both firmly planted and volunteering in active churches. Both sets of spiritual and or pastoral leadership are on board and approve of the pending nuptials. Family members are on line with the plan. Pre marital counseling is being provided by one of our very own professors. To think about getting married is to understand these and other points and issues. Having things line up to indicate what you are doing is being divinely guided.

This summers union will be the second for both parties and each come into the new relationship with children. Things are working together without X's causing drama. For those of us handling divorces, separations, custody issues and deadbeats or even those exposed to these traumas in the lives of friends this is clearly a visible all but tangible blessing indeed. For many who are
divorced it is also healing to see second marriages can be God designed.

Thanks & Congratulations to the pending couple towards your new blessings adventures!