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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Women of the Bible Quiz by Offbeat


Monday, September 12, 2016

I'm in a Vine Loop

Monday, August 22, 2016

11 Social Media Workshop Topics

In recent months I have been hosting workshops for my Social Media consulting business. 

Public speaking can create a business funnel.

Interest has been higher than attendance. Still I have mostly enjoyed the experiences.

That would be fine since the workshop is at a discounted price, if said interested persons would simply schedule a time to sit down with me to talk one on one.

Maybe they don't realize that they can. I try to point that out when I post the notices about upcoming workshops.

Ideally my thought was, seeing as marketing and social media are both such big concepts to wrap one's head around, to have people come back month after month getting a little more information to help their businesses each time.

Let me speak for a minute about the venue location. I have access to coworking offices. In the fall they decided to increase the number of classes and workshops being offered to the hundreds of members who stream through the offices and maker space daily.

I had been trying to get a spot on the teaching roster with no success but suddenly the door popped wide open and I jumped through.

If there is a Learning Exchange near you then you may understand more fully the structure of what I have been dealing with.

The average attendance of a class this past year has probably been about 6. People are busy and most of our events are held after work so I kind of get it. 

For September I have pitched to do two events back to back on subsequent weeks. October is my birthday I might take the month off.

What I have also decided to do is offer, to aid people who are interested in my workshops and information but cannot make the times posted, email support.

NOT a news letter and not for free but individual, tailored and informative.

Below is the list of the topics from the events. If there are things you would like to know more about just get in touch.

November - Engagement  

December - Tune Up & Assessment 

January - Small Business Strategies

February - App Crazes 

March - Analytics

April - Mistakes 

May - Blogging Purposes, Uses and Benefits 

June - DIY vs Automation 

July - Privacy & Security

August - Understanding the Lingo

September - Video, Vlogging and Going Live

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Updates and Info About Me

For those of you not in the know I wrote a non-fiction manuscript for National November Writing Month this past fall.

I decided to believe Jeff Goins a while ago when, You Are A Writer came out but still book authorship is not blog posting.

Having a manuscript, even one that needs 20K more words and heavy editing, is a thrill unlike any other in the world let me tell you. 

I am not even sure it has sunken in fully. I can’t really bring myself to touch it.

Meanwhile I have begun hanging out in writers circles. These are often filled with fiction writers. Much love my crafty cousins in literature. It is just not my genre of choice at the moment.

To this end there are writing prompts that come along to inspire those who create worlds. It can leave those of us who just report on things we have seen feeling a bit on the outs.

Today in a group for speakers that I am in a prompt came in the form of a question about our lives.

Most answers were a term, a sentence or two. I wrote 200+words. 

Maybe the writer in me is itching her way out. 

Perhaps it just takes the right stimuli.

Whatever the reason I have decided to share those words with you and invite you to the FB page where a couple of other excerpts from the manuscript are posted.

I joined GoodReads, WattPad and some other sites but I have not settled on where if anywhere the full story might come out before it is edited and sent off to be published somewhere.

You will have to keep in touch to keep in the know.

Question:  Can you tell me what frustrations you have experienced while working full time.

The group setting set the context of the question as signs or reasons to embark on a self employment path. 

This could start with a journey of self discovery since for some it is not clear cut what they should be doing at the same time they realize what they are doing is not working.

My Answer: reminded me of the story I am endeavoring to tell with this first book I am working on. Stories that did not quite make it onto this blog or the Single Mom blog about my life and choices that I have made based on the way I want to live.

I have been busy being a mother most of the last 20 years. All in all I think I worked full time outside of the home 9months only. I mostly worked part time so the trade off is that I have never had a career.
Eventually I started doing some Nanny work and got into a position with a family that was 50hrs a week plus.

I did not feel underpaid although I was, or over worked until the end when things were breaking down. I was working for another single mom and she was in retail so the hours were crazy.

Usually I like random odd hours and the flexibility of not having to do hair and make-up or be (fully) awake to be getting paid was the trade off.

Still when it was ending the fractures started to show.

When I worked full time I actually did 40hrs a week at one job and 15 at another across town with no car. I have always picked jobs I liked and only worked where I was celebrated not just tolerated so working has always been win-win for me.

My last job was in a yarn shop and I knit. Talk about getting paid to do what you love. The worst thing about it was doing mornings (10am) when I am a night owl. lol

Two co workers quit back to back almost, within about 2 weeks and I wound up working 50hrs plus again all of a sudden while living out of town.

Commute should be a 4 letter word because I dislike it so much. lol

This job literally killed my last car. The casualties of working. OUCH

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Further Write Like

I write like
Kurt Vonnegut
I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

I had never heard of this guy until 2013 when I joined up with local roller derby gals. One has a nickname referencing him somehow. I never asked her about it but I felt like there was some story behind her choice.

Best thing I have ever written or did I mix up this sample with the sample that got the SK label...sigh

I write that is all I know. History can argue about who I write like until the cows come home. I am just me.

My Writing is Also Like

I write like
Cory Doctorow
I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

I had never heard of this guy. He writes sci-fi but he is also current. Fitting I guess that I plugged in text from a post about social media and gauging our influence there in. Right?!

My Writing is Like

I write like
Stephen King
I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

That is what I got when I plugged in some text from the first page of the mini memoir. It's got bite I will give it that. Macabre ? maybe but in a lighthearted kinda way.

You can check in with more of how the writing or editing is going. I wrote 50K for NaNoWriMo in November only to realize the story probably need to be about 70K to be complete. Irony

The FB page is named after the Blog Midnight Musings