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Friday, July 23, 2010

Last night was sigh

Ok so I am leaving work hours after closing as usual. We have too much fun there and there is always so much to do. My boss and I work well together and she is gracious enough to give me a lift to my car since I have to park sometimes a block away and it is dark.

So like so many other times this was the case. Hopping from her car into mine I headed home. Tummy rumbling thinking of what to eat it was after 9pm so too late to stop by Trader Joe's to get a sample.

Ok well I have groceries still no big. Somehow however I am drifting to the exit lane and heading for Taco Bell. Really? Do I need this? Can I afford this? Why am I veering off? I actually pondered this question:
"What date with destiny could I have between the drive through and eating my food this evening?"

Zipping through the drive line receiving my order I decide to pull over to chow down. I like to mess with my order redistribute the sour cream and other such things. There I sit when I could have been on the freeway already moving through citrus heights.

I am munching away when my phone rings. Who is calling after 10pm? Must be my daughter. I am tempted to not answer and just get my grub on, however I look to check. It's my boss. That's curious we did not leave any pressing unfinished business and I know she left the building. I answer. "Did you realize you left your laptop bag in my car?" she asks me.

Yikes lol sigh had I been past her I probably would not have wanted to turn around to pick up my bag & computer. Unusually I came home and went right to bed rather than logging on.

This past calendar year has seen me eating much fast food between couch surfing and those handfuls of nights sleeping in my car. Will it happen again surely. Does forgetfulness also happen? Of course.

Still it gives me pause how things all played out. Fun fun fun

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I finally had two days off in a row lol. I celebrated by being holed up here at home but not alone. The only place I went was to class for my summer final Monday night.

I had my dd (darling daughter) for one night and then a friend of hers too for another.

Thankfully things all went well. Girls are fun they weren't too crazy mine even cleaned my room a bit helping me get unpacked and organized since I have been moving in while working over time. They were so cute we went to Trader Joes on our way home for the sleep over night. The girls bought fruit for smoothies and salad stuff plus a meatless entree for their meal.

I am not anti meat but that is a kick they are experimenting with. They bought a tad of junk food but the balance was impressive.

Did we dodge a heat wave??? hahahahahaha yikes All I want when the temp creeps over 97 to stay is to stay by the pool or indoors eating ice cream.

Had some interesting experiences through the weekend. Not sure what I can do about a problem that I with the answers to prayers I have been seeing this year there is no way to predict how things will turn out. I just know things have come to my attention, I wouldn't mind seeing change, I care about all involved, I am not alone.

What do you do when you see a community nuisance?

Crafty fun @ work on the horizon trying to balance with the other things I think I should be doing.....grrr why can't it just be simple. Till I can figure it out maybe I can meet some yarny folks here in Rocklin where I am spending the next few months.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Heat Wave & Babies

So what we have in abundance seems to be new life and a temperature on the rise!

My daughters step sister, my roommates daughter and my boss' son have all had baby girls of recent fun, fun, fun.

It's been a long time since I had so much baby fun. The heat wave I am less fond of tho it has been pretty mild and I am not too melty.

This has been the toughest year of my life so I am trying to remember to take things all in stride. I have moved half a dozen or more times. Am now out in Rocklin when my life is all over Sacramento.

I have been avoiding this place (blogger) is just so over done and not cute. Find me on Rav, FB, Twitter, etc. Better yet connect with me over coffee or yarn @ work or out and about in public.

See me @ the River Cats cash give away night August 25th if not viewing Weird Al @ the state fair on the 1st!!!