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Friday, July 23, 2010

Last night was sigh

Ok so I am leaving work hours after closing as usual. We have too much fun there and there is always so much to do. My boss and I work well together and she is gracious enough to give me a lift to my car since I have to park sometimes a block away and it is dark.

So like so many other times this was the case. Hopping from her car into mine I headed home. Tummy rumbling thinking of what to eat it was after 9pm so too late to stop by Trader Joe's to get a sample.

Ok well I have groceries still no big. Somehow however I am drifting to the exit lane and heading for Taco Bell. Really? Do I need this? Can I afford this? Why am I veering off? I actually pondered this question:
"What date with destiny could I have between the drive through and eating my food this evening?"

Zipping through the drive line receiving my order I decide to pull over to chow down. I like to mess with my order redistribute the sour cream and other such things. There I sit when I could have been on the freeway already moving through citrus heights.

I am munching away when my phone rings. Who is calling after 10pm? Must be my daughter. I am tempted to not answer and just get my grub on, however I look to check. It's my boss. That's curious we did not leave any pressing unfinished business and I know she left the building. I answer. "Did you realize you left your laptop bag in my car?" she asks me.

Yikes lol sigh had I been past her I probably would not have wanted to turn around to pick up my bag & computer. Unusually I came home and went right to bed rather than logging on.

This past calendar year has seen me eating much fast food between couch surfing and those handfuls of nights sleeping in my car. Will it happen again surely. Does forgetfulness also happen? Of course.

Still it gives me pause how things all played out. Fun fun fun

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