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Friday, September 6, 2013

Candy is Dandy

Sacramento Bloggers were invited to an exclusive event this week. 

There is another one next week so look forward to that update.

This event was all about chocolate.  Lots of chocolate!

I was not sure what to expect but it turned out a new store was opening here in the local area.

Of course I was running late on my way to the event after a late nap but I made it in time to pack my own box of tasty bites.

Whole families came out. There were kids and spouses of bloggers on hand. I met some people I have long known on Twitter only and a few that were new to me completely.

We were treated to information and tidbits about the See’s Candy company. Ask me why the floors are black and white checkered.

After the fun box stuffing and a photo op we were all free to leave but also given a bag of goodies! Squee

The bag contained a book, assortments of chocolates and peanut brittle. My grandfather loved peanut brittle. I think he made his own.

It was mentioned that Warren Buffet the companies CEO also loves this particular treat. I wonder if it was a generational thing.
I could hardly believe that a handful of people who RSVPed to the event somehow managed to miss it. 

We attendees came from all over the city and surrounding areas. Folsom’s new Palladio mall was not too far to travel for free cocoa and sugar.

Today was the official Grand Opening of the store. I wish I'd had a car pool buddy hook up.

Without my daughter and her friends in and around the house this next week I wonder how long my new great stash of yummies will last.

Perhaps not last as long as I was imagining. I have derby friends to share with and a BBQ to attend.

I can’t wait to see how long other bloggers can hold on and or who they decide to share with.
So I guess this is a social media meet up tip:

If you know of an exciting (to you) upcoming Grand Opening or new unveiling of some sort, it might be a great event to host some online connections getting together.