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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monkier Me

Guess what is new? I have started training to play roller derby. Yes this is wild and crazy. Me, doing a sporting activity. If I did not own in line skates I would not even be considering this I don't think.

Switching over to quads now for the last couple of months has not been so bad. There is hope for me yet. In four months I might have visible muscles to show off!

Around that time I should be eligible to choose a name as I get closer to be being able to be drafted onto a team.

That is where you and this post come in. Are you ready? It does not matter if you know me or not. I need a hot derby nick name to go by.

Names and concepts must be PG13. I would lean more girly than manly but the right male concept could be just what I need to give my soft girly image an edge.

Many if not most of the names established members already have are two words or compound words.

I picked a name early on but I think it could conflict with the team I might end up on.

So back to the drawing board I went. This was tricky because I have a tough side but not really a mean bone in my body. I am neither the athlete type. Still I wanted a name that would make me seem legit as a player and a contender.

I do not plan to put in all those weeks of practice for no reason.

A new name came up while the thought bubbles were floating around but it is top secret.  I wonder if any of you can guess it and or if anything better will pop up.

-------- ------

Here are a few random ideas that just sort of dropped into my consciousness as I am writing this post. A smattering of where inspiration comes from:

Jagged lil Pill (song title)
BountyHunter (cops and robbers concept)
Hormonal Helen (sing song effect)
Arsenic and Lace (dangerous and girly)

With my real name being short and unusual there has not really been much occassion for people to nick name me. A few might have called me "T" once in a while but one more syllable and Tosca is out so why punt?

Talk nicknames to me. Have any suggestions? Want to share a favorite of yours or that you have heard?

The gentleman at the skating rink who called me Glamourous last week said 

"How about Alabama Mamma?" 

I laughed saying "But I am a California Girl."

He said "Yeah but that does not rhyme."

A few laps later he came up with PowderPuff and Scrapmetal. I like them together as

I almost want to wait on name picking until we really get into game play and I figure out what position I am best in.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stripes Are In

Stripes and the color teal are trending for spring 2013. Are you ready to step out and strut your stuff with style and grace?
I have been wanting to talk about fashion for a while now on the blog. It seems people need it. I need to keep reminding myself of that. 

My mother taught me a few style tips growing up and I ran with them. So style comes pretty easy for me and I don’t often question how to dress or what looks good on me.

I remember years back I got involved with a direct sales clothing company called Multiples.

Consultants would have a base wardrobe and encourage persons to host events where everyone would try on items.
It was there I learned that people have different style types. I am more modern perhaps. I like bold colors and to take risks. 

A friend of mine attended an event with me and could not even fathom trying on some of the combinations I was comfortable with.

She had more of a classic fashion sense or personality. The ensembles she was comfortable with, bored me to tears. Monochromatic: blue, black, or taupe.

I opted for vibrant colors with bold accents.  I just took a style quiz and got the label: GLAMOUROUS. That is funny since a gentleman just called me that last week.  

You can take the quiz as well. I would love to know how you come out. 

These pics are not so glamorous but the fun of fashion and style is accessories. 

I heard a tip once that a woman wants on seven pieces of jewelyr or bling to balance out her look each day. This starts at the hair and works down. Earrings count each separtely and not as a set.

Hair Clips or Pins


(two or more)

Lapel Pin or Brooch 

Facial piercings

A watch

(sun or prescription)
(one to five)

A bracelet or bangles

A belt

An ankle bracelet

An arm band

That is just a general list of options so you can see  how you size up.

When wearing stripes it might depend on both the color of the stripes and the size of them how glam or toned down you want to go with extras and accessories.

Another thing you can add that might not be jewelry but still adds flair is a scarf. They come in all manner of shape size and texture. Buy a few and try them out.

Stripes going across can take the eye in that area so some who are or feel size is an issue might want to stick with vertical lines.

If you have no striped items in your wardrobe get out and into the dressing room to try some things on. 

It might surprise you what looks good.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No Beer No Starbucks

I had an epiphany if you will over the weekend: I dislike beer because it tastes like vegetables to me. 

I grew up in a household where we had to eat what we were given and that was just that.

Somehow or other however I developed into a picky eater. What people enjoy eating is actually hardwired in our brains. That is a new concept I am coming to believe in. 

It started when I met parents who have children on the Aspergers spectrum. Those children resist eating certain foods based on texture. Then I met online a man who has no sense of taste or smell. 

He too said it was about texture and mouth feel what he was able to tolerate.  I was shocked and amazed.  Before this I would have believed it was all about flavor and smell. 

The idea that taste is so individual and hardwired into a persons DNA if you will helps explain why two children raised in the same home and fed the same things will so often enjoy different foods from each other.

These things being newly settled in my consciousness I read with interest new articles that come out about taste and what people like.

I started eating more healthy years ago. Normally that would include a bevy of new vegetables but I dislike the taste of many of them.

I have never tasted asparagus, brussel sprouts, or artichoke.

I have never bought or cooked cabbage or greens as an adult.

I dislike squash, okra, broccoli, onion, avocado, zucchini, eggplant, most beans & legumes, radish and parsnip. I can cook with onion but I pick them out and off of everything they are served with except I do like onion rings, with ketchup.

That leaves carrots, potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, cauliflower and tomato for me to dine on in the vegetable category.
I like pickles and will tolerate cucumber from time to time. I like the flavor of bell peppers. I will order combination pizza and pick off all the toppings to just eat the cheese, sauce and bread with the flavor of the meat and vegetables but not eating any of them.

I grew up eating pinto beans, greens, broccoli, black eye peas, beets and other things.

I dislike eggs and cheese as in Mac and Cheese, nacho cheese and cheese on a ham sandwich.

I share all this because I also hate Starbucks. It tastes burnt. A site and a test popped up saying some of us humans are SuperTasters. Prone to not liking coffee, broccoli  and other bitter things.

It might help explain why I can detect this nuance to Starbucks roasts when the world or at least the bulk of this nation seems to not notice it at all. 
Another thing I dislike ingesting is alcohol. I have never liked to drink, especially not beer. Over the weekend I had a sip of Pabst because it was free at the derby event I was volunteering at.

BLECK is all I can say about that it reminded me of the taste of vegetables, bitter and green tasting.