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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Monkier Me

Guess what is new? I have started training to play roller derby. Yes this is wild and crazy. Me, doing a sporting activity. If I did not own in line skates I would not even be considering this I don't think.

Switching over to quads now for the last couple of months has not been so bad. There is hope for me yet. In four months I might have visible muscles to show off!

Around that time I should be eligible to choose a name as I get closer to be being able to be drafted onto a team.

That is where you and this post come in. Are you ready? It does not matter if you know me or not. I need a hot derby nick name to go by.

Names and concepts must be PG13. I would lean more girly than manly but the right male concept could be just what I need to give my soft girly image an edge.

Many if not most of the names established members already have are two words or compound words.

I picked a name early on but I think it could conflict with the team I might end up on.

So back to the drawing board I went. This was tricky because I have a tough side but not really a mean bone in my body. I am neither the athlete type. Still I wanted a name that would make me seem legit as a player and a contender.

I do not plan to put in all those weeks of practice for no reason.

A new name came up while the thought bubbles were floating around but it is top secret.  I wonder if any of you can guess it and or if anything better will pop up.

-------- ------

Here are a few random ideas that just sort of dropped into my consciousness as I am writing this post. A smattering of where inspiration comes from:

Jagged lil Pill (song title)
BountyHunter (cops and robbers concept)
Hormonal Helen (sing song effect)
Arsenic and Lace (dangerous and girly)

With my real name being short and unusual there has not really been much occassion for people to nick name me. A few might have called me "T" once in a while but one more syllable and Tosca is out so why punt?

Talk nicknames to me. Have any suggestions? Want to share a favorite of yours or that you have heard?

The gentleman at the skating rink who called me Glamourous last week said 

"How about Alabama Mamma?" 

I laughed saying "But I am a California Girl."

He said "Yeah but that does not rhyme."

A few laps later he came up with PowderPuff and Scrapmetal. I like them together as

I almost want to wait on name picking until we really get into game play and I figure out what position I am best in.


  1. Sounds like great exercise and big fun.... Fun to think about names too! Nitrous4, BomberGal, StealthQueen, Rocketeer. Personally I like your BountyHunter.

    1. I like your suggestions! Thanks. Yes I am partial to bounty hunter. hehehehe

  2. IronLady? Very topical but you might not enjoy the connotations!

    1. Oooh I like this...hard but soft like leather and lace or arsenic...hehehehe Thanks!

  3. What about Tee Baggs? A play on being called T? And you'll end up bagging a lot of broads on skates?

  4. Replies
    1. I see you are having fun. I like these ideas too. I think there is a B52BombHer but the others could be contenders!!!

  5. How fun! I've always been intrigued with roller derby! How about Tricky Tosca?

    1. Thanks! I should have put a link or two in this post. You can find modern day roller derby on YouTube to see what it is like. If there is a league near you I hope you will go to some (games) bouts.

      I had not thought of using my name but some girls do use theirs. hmmm Interesting...

  6. I loved watching roller derby as a child. Have fun!

    Shirletta @ Shirleyisnotmyname

  7. Hmmm ... Princess Powerhouse, Pink Poison, Lace N. Mayhem