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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Concert Fun (PT1)

During a short cold snap we had this winter I went to a local concert almost on a whim.

A gal in one of my MeetUp groups wanted to see the Canadian rock band Sum41 play at Ace of Spades downtown. I went looking for the band on YouTube because their name sounded familiar. I discovered I did remember their music so I was in.

It was due to the cold snap that I happened to be wearing a pastel BIG fuzzy sweater. So there I was looking like a suburb dweller amidst a sea of urban youth. 

It was one of the only times I felt I was showing my age. The club was warm but I was dressed to avoid carrying a coat for my travels to and from the buildings etc.

The MeetUp gal did not seem to notice that I felt conspicuous. She had on a thin black tank with her hair in pigtail braids although we looked to be closer in age than to the median of the crowd. She had a beer. 

I abstained. Then she said she wanted to get closer to the stage. I was happy hanging out in a far corner by the bar. Feeling emboldened by her we headed into the less than standing room only crowd. She forged ahead and I stayed close to her. Everyone was everywhere. 

There had been warm ups before the band I was there to see. I was arriving late due to an evening class. Now that I am surrounded by a sea of young humans with barely room to breathe I begin to hear what all is going on or about to.

One teen guy says “When the music starts we are gonna go crazy wild.”

I am thinking there is NO room for that. As it is people are putting their hands on you and already pressed up against you like a bad date. If they are going somewhere they shuffle by but not usually very quickly. 

A random girl grabbed my hips and swished me so we were dancing like a conga line. Then she was gone. Next a random guy came near me and did the same. He moved over to the gal I was with and he stayed with her. He went from holding her at her hips I think to holding her around the waist. 

Still we were waiting for the band to perform. The crowd shuffled a bit and us in it. Suddenly the guy in front of us who we were thus obliged to touch and be pressed against was all sweaty from head to waist.

We shuffled away from him but my gal pal did not lose her escort. I asked her if he was getting a little too friendly and if she needed my help. 

We could have always grabbed each other and pretended to be a serious couple if we felt we were being preyed upon. She told me keeping the one lone guy in check was better than having a host of random guys pressing on her from behind so things seemed ok. 

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