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Monday, May 6, 2013

Concert Fun (PT 2)

We shuffled a little closer to the stage past some really tall fellows. They laughed at us shorties saying as long as we did not block their view they were happy to make room for us. 

Then two men only about 5ft6 to 5ft8 shuffled to right in front of us.

I am 5ft2 or there about and so was the MeetUp gal. The men did not speak to us or even to each other but after they stopped moving and looked around they silently shuffled to be behind us instead of blocking our view from the front.

Finally the band came out and the crowd went wild. As predicted as soon as music started the crowd, with us in it, moved. We swayed to and fro. It was almost hypnotic and a little stifling. Then there was jumping and wiggling.
A couple of times I was worried that I might fall down but the group was not violent. There seemed to be a cohesion to what we were doing. 

I lost my buddy in the crowd. I was about three rows from stage as the performance went on. I am glad we pushed our way into the crowd.

I would not have known what I was missing from way back in the corner of the establishment.

People did not seem to mind my sweater. It was after all, soft to the touch. 

At the end of the night as the crowd dissipated I started looking for my buddy so I could at least say goodbye to her as well as make sure she got out of the grip of the conga guy who had grabbed her around the waist.

I found her quickly as people thinned out. I happened to glance down and see someone had lost a shoe in all the melee. I thought this was funny. 

Looking up I looked around and a guy was hobbling on one foot saying he had lost his shoe. I thought oh great looks like he’ll get it back quick. 

Then I looked at the foot he was standing on and back at the shoe near me. They were not a match. I thought this was hilarious!

I had not seen any other shoes and I kept walking. I came home on a high and with a small crush on the bands lead singer. What am I a teenager all over? 

Current day television viewers seem to think that Dancing With the Stars is all the rage. My women counter parts want to try and get their significant others to take dance classes. 

There are even some singles groups that host adult dance events. None of that interests me. I like music and I even have rhythm there is just something about these tame events that just did never seemed grab me.
Now I know I like modified moshing and or pogoing.

Get in the pit and try to love someone...Kid Rock

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