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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Mother's Day Perk

Last weekend was Mother’s day weekend. Things around here were busy as usual. Saturday morning I was rushing out the door to roller derby practice and noticed a box had been left behind the bush near my doorstep. 

I threw it in the house and all but forgot about it. Still I had a pretty good idea what it was. I had not ordered a recent Miche (purses and bags) shipment to augment my collection of stash of cash and carry. 

My recent Melalueca order had come in previous days. Vista print materials came last month.  

No, this box was something very special and all for me as a mom. A rare treat especially because it was FREE. 

A while before, I had gotten the now rather familiar notice in my inbox, saying I was eligible for a Klout Perk. 

I have posted and shared about a few of our previous Perks. 

Klout is a web site that strives to reveal where we all stand in terms of social media influence. If you are reading this message and are on at least two other social networks you have Klout. 

The more your content is seen, shared and reacted with the higher your Klout score. In appreciation of the work that we do, being busy online, keeping the internet abuzz, perks come at times. Offers or discounts etc. based on our levels of influence and at times our interests. 

The latest offering that I had accepted was for fair trade goodies. 

Chocolate, Coffee, Tea and Coupons! It was a delightful box to open on a day when the budget was squeezed tight and the kitchen a mess. 

My first thought upon walking into the kitchen had been that I wanted to run across the street to the doughnut shop for a mocha. 

I was lumping around feeling sorry for myself because I could not afford that, when I remembered, the box! 

I opened it and dived right in. I tried both chocolate bars and made myself a mug of hot tea. 

It was later that I cleaned the water pot and French Press for a nice bold smooth java kick. I have not quite come forth with a post on fair trade but it is an issue present in my consciousness. 

You have probably been hearing about it, maybe even trying to make better choices in product purchasing but it can be a challenge. When I posted that I was hosting a Miche event the other day and inviting my friends and contact to participate one of the first questions was about issues concerning environmental consciousness and fair trade if you will. 

It would be nice if all companies prominently posted their stance on these issues along with all of their other contact and biographical information. It would be great if they all cared and worked to deal only with eco-friendly fair trade products and procedures. This reminds me of the post I need to make about the UnJunk candy I tried. 

For now I am still enjoying my Mothers Day goodies:


  1. It would be wonderful if everyone's bottom line was to trade fairly with others. Sadly, it's not the case.
    Thanks for bringing this so important subject to light!
    Late Happy Mother's Day wishes and blessings!

    1. I meant to put a link in my post to the causes and definitions of fair trade. I will edit. It connects to more of eco-friendly and socially responsible business practice as well as sustainability. Indeed things we should all care about and be actively involved in bringing to pass.

      Thank you as well!

  2. I'm on Klout, too! It IS fun to claim some of the neat perks- Once, I claimed a $10 cash card, and it was kind of funny- The place where my name would normally have been said, "200 Tweets" . At that point, and even still now, I was/am not an avid Tweeter. But, I did give a few shouts- because it really came in handy! :) Your coffee sounds yummy- I live for good coffee!

    1. Whoo Whoo hahahaha glad you are having fun as I am and reaping the benefits that social media can give.