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Friday, June 7, 2013

National Doughnut Day

Oh what a day to be broke as a bad joke!

Who does not like doughnuts? Raised or cake, glazed or sprinkled, doughnut holes, fritters etc.

The only thing better might be ice cream. Something many of us locals might need by the end of this weekend if not today.

The temps are heating up. Thankfully for bakers their jobs start early. They fire up their ovens in the wee hours of the morning so that pastries and carb filled delights are ready for the morning rush.

I live right across the street from a doughnut shop. Between self control and a tight budget I can keep my other wise addiction in check.

The best deal they have is for a bag of three doughnuts one day old for $1.50. I love that. I do not like warm pastry for the most part. Krispy Kreme never charmed my heart in anyway.

My favorite is a bear claw with apple filling. Other old time favorites include raised glazed or chocolate, also jelly filled except for the lemon ones.

What kind of doughnuts do you like?

Where I go skating twice a week here in town the rink provides us free morning coffee. One of the other attendees I guess it is usually brings in a bag or two of doughnut holes.

A nice pop of sugar without as much guilt.

This week we were spoiled.

We had biscotti one day, brownie bites another and I think it was a birthday which brought in cup cakes and an edible arrangement of yummy fruit.


  1. I need to go run down to Dunkin' Donuts now....

    1. hahahahaha I think some places are giving them away free! So exciting but my plans do not include leaving the house between doughnut shop hours today. POUT

  2. Got mine at Dunkin' today! Hahaha!
    These look sooooo good!

    1. Fun fun. If you can believe it I have more pictures but I got discombobulated uploading them to the computer today. lol