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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Are Blessed Do You See?

I have to be at work in 11 hours. I just cleaned my bathroom and started a load of laundry. It is 5 am lol this is my life. I am not up early...I just don't sleep much. A nap is scheduled between perhaps 7am & 11am....that is the plan.

hahahaha about plans. My plans anyway, some days I barely know why I make them. Maybe they are just an out line of how my days and life could go.

Sunday my plan was to attend church then pick up my daughter and head to the last day of the state fair. Weird Al was performing. Wanting to catch the show @ 8pm meant we needed to be there in time to see all the sites and enjoy some rides.

Saturday night was another like this one where sleep was rather elusive and my scheduled nap was interrupted by the daughter calling to get details on our days plans. Feeling a bit run down I opted to watch my churches service via the internet which let me sleep till 11.

Problems with the internet and computer meant I could not at all multi task like I wanted. Just to paint my nails and other small things like take some pictures to add here and elsewhere. Does this sound sacrilegious? Just keep reading....

The plan was to meet with the daughter or even be at the fair by 2pm. It was 4pm and I was leaving the house in Rocklin. Dropping by the trash bins to deposit some stuff I saw a nice looking vacuum sitting around with a sign that said FREE works well.

Stashed that in the garage and headed for the freeway which was a nightmare! Skirted on to surface streets. Had to pick up some groceries to bless the step family where my daughter has been staying and finally we were free to go.

Speaking of free as we walked and waited to enter Cal Expo having parked a block or so away a lady handed us two $2 off coupons for entrance. Before we got wanded & entered the gates a young couple in front of us turned and offered us half of their Poppy Pack. Entrance to the fair FREE.

The concert was sold out but just as good in the public seating surrounding the venue. We saw and heard everything. It went on past 10pm. The daughters step sisters spirited her away for a bit to enjoy a few more rides than we had time for. After the concert we bought some more tickets and enjoyed a few more.

These kinds of days filled with simple blessings are praise and SHOUT worthy to me.

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