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Friday, August 13, 2010

A sick dd

The darling daughter is ill this day. The saddest thing a parent has to tred through is doctoring a kidlet who is under the weather. She is taller than me and last weekend we bleached her hair before striping it with three different colors.

None of this matters when she starts the day early with "Mom I don't feel well." sigh

No matter what else is going on you are reminded how much you love and care for them as well as the fragility of life. So now she is resting. I had a very late nap from 11pm to 3:30 a.m. so I am wide awake!

She had a popsicle before drifting off and now I think I will too. The weird thing would be yesterday when I awoke around this time my tummy was grumbling and seeming upset. Later when I logged into Facebook one of my contacts also wasn't feeling well tummy wise. I suggested it was in the air 'cause I hadn't even had any water yet. lol sigh.

Sending out hope and prayers for others who are dealing with sick friends and family. I know a couple of people have some rather serious issues going on. It is a reminder to be really greatful daily for health and strength. As well as to take the best care of self one can.

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