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Monday, September 3, 2012

Contemplating Our Republic

It's Labor Day! The great irony of course is that many of the people who do the most labor in this country actually still have to work.

Others have the day off.

It is the end of summer so people are hanging out and doing fun outdoor things like grilling and hanging out in the water as they are able.

We have plans of our own that are awaiting Mom the taxi.

I am not sure it gives me time to really do justice to the issue on my mind for the day. 

I am thinking about the fabric of this country's government.

So often we talk about the democratic process but it feels like the idea of us being a republic gets lost.

We must maintain the healthy balance of both.
A republic is run by elected officials. There are foundational ideas that are agreed upon by the citizenship.

Inside that frame work with the responsibility of the nation on the people we all have the right to have our opinions and even have our say. 

There are boundaries to that including the idea of not bringing harm to others, inciting mayhem or panic for just the sake of such.

I grew up understanding all of these things. I am not sure what kind of a job I have done in imparting all of this patriotic understanding to my daughter. She appears at least for the moment more infected by the apathy of her generation.

Maybe I should have taught her to say the pledge religiously in our homeschooling life. I know that is going away in public schools. I never felt like saying it was the reason I feel as I do about my country.

Right now she is studying American history with her high school charter program. It is annoying her further the mistakes and chaos of the past. I have always looked at the history from a more reserved place.

For all of the problems and issues I recognize those things allowed us all to be here now. There is no country in the world that either of us would rather live in.

I am not sure how typical or unusual that is statistically.

Expats always intrigue me.

Speaking of other countries, I was seeing the strangest thing suddenly. People were saying Happy Father’s Day.

Turns out it is celebrated at different times of the year all over the world. Who knew? It is on the first Sunday of September in Australia.

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