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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Missed A Date

I’m late I’m late
Anyone remember Alice in Wonderland?

Be Late For Something Day? Sounds like something a procrastinator dreamed up.

I am not sure I need a day to celebrate. In fact I think that the reason I am not more timely is because I am so laid back.

It is not that I want others to wait on me or do not value their time as equal to my own. I know some therapist suggest this is a reason certain people continuously run late. 

Many times with me it is the under estimation on how long getting ready or traveling to a place will take that causes me to run behind.

If I did not know myself better I would be far more worried.

Instead I know that I have taken trips on planes and gotten around via public transit so I know I can keep a time schedule and be where I am expected in a timely manner.

Most things in life aside from a job with a time clock are not that rigidly controlled in terms of start times.

I like to stay up late. 
I like to sleep in. 

When I wake up I like to take it easy. I do not want to be hurried or rushed. When I do get ready before the appointed time that I have set to leave the house there is always something more that can be done. 

Leaving early never makes the top of that list.

The list is comprised of simple things that should only take a few minutes. It can be a house hold chore. Other times it is an extra bit of prep I wanted for the adventure but had put on the optional side of "things to do".

I will opt for something like throwing a load of laundry in the washer or applying a coat of nail polish.

Constantly missing appointments that caused me distress would cause me to amend my behavior. So far, some how, I manage to just squeak by.

I know how to pack extra things to do, with me. 

This is a piece of advice given to those who are afraid they will be bored arriving early and having to wait. 

If you have not tried this it's simple and can be productive. 
Take along a book you are reading, some paper work you need to review, bills you need to pay, paper and pen so you can take notes, doodle, draft etc., download games on your Kindle or other type ereader.

I keep puzzle books on hand. I know many love Suduko. I prefer letters to numbers so I like Variety Game Puzzle Books.

I carry things with me but I would still rather get things done around the house.

What I would really prefer would be to work from home or plan events that have people coming to me, preferably in the afternoon or evening.

God bless those Type A people and early risers. I am just not one of them.

Give me midnight. I love the night life. Oh wait I mentioned that already…


  1. Oh, you'd have to count me in with those early risers and those who are always on time. It's an obsession that both my husband and I share. :)
    Wonderful post! I'm signing up to follow you.

    1. Balance and diversity make the world go round ;> Sounds like you and the hubby are a great match! Welcome aboard new follower. Yah!

  2. Ha! Pretty much me in a nutshell as well. I just get by doing what I'm doing and so far it doesn't cause too much stress. But when I find my body temp. rising from the anxiety of being late, I alter my behaviour.

    1. By the time I might be getting heated it is too late to fix the problem. lol Was running late the other day. Had to remind myself to relax. Things always just work out and it is not worth dying either way.

  3. You'll live longer than the rest of us always rushing.

    1. I do feel like I am on the slow burn plan. Which is good because I am almost 40 and have still never married.

  4. Hah. Sounds like me. I usually say that I have a very casual relationship with time.