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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Watching Real Drama

If you did not know, I really like reality television.

Now before we go any further I find it necessary to define what I mean by that. 

When I say reality t.v. I mean shows with non actors or actors and no scripts, but not improv. To this end I also enjoy sane talk shows. I am over my addiction to the Jerry Springer show, thankfully.

I have a fascination for watching and knowing all about real people. Actors are beautiful but some are vapid. I do not want a talking head or and air head. I want real interaction.

First let me say I have been watching since MTV did their first Real World experiment. 

Things have really broadened since then.

There are some great families we have gotten to know through this new vein of television entertainment. 

Who does not love:

The Little Couple
The Roloffs 
The Duggars?

I like some of the food shows: Top Chef, Cake Boss, Food Network Star, Chopped etc.

I love Patti Stanger  and Dr Phil.

I do not watch any of the housewives shows, Bad Girls or the Jersey Situation…

People fighting and yelling, getting drunk and acting badly do not attract me.

Instead I watch the Bachelor shows and Big Brother.

We watch the hair style shows. My daughter discovered LA Hair. There were others before Tabitha was taking over everywhere.

I like to see people being successful at accomplishing things. I want to see people growing and changing.

Families or individuals going about their everyday with us looking in from a birds eye view, that excites me.

There is one set of shows that surprised me. 

When I heard they were going to have shows about teen moms I did not think I would want to watch. 

I was a young mom. I am still a single mom. I understand the issues all too well.

I caught a reunion episode that sort of drew me in. I got a little tense when I heard one of the moms saying her and the baby’s father had given their child up for adoption.

After seeing the reunions I saw a segment of the show 16 and Pregnant that convinced me not only that these young parents made the best decision for all concerned but worse that they were raising their own parents.

The girl’s mother is married to or dating the boys father. 

More importantly in that episode the mom and daughter were fighting. 

Into another room the girl goes and she 
says to her boyfriend “I think my mom is mad at me.”

She returns to her mothers presence to find out why. 

Her mother tells her “I am upset at you for giving away my grandchild.”


I do understand the complex emotions this might cause.

There are just other ways to deal with them besides throwing a fit about something else in your home so that your teenager has to sit you down and drag the true pain out of you.

Never mind the idea that said teen gave away said baby because she has no one to look up to who could help her raise it.

Better than any soap opera. I was over those as a young child when I realized how they string people along. There is none of that in reality television. 

For all its flaws it is raw and real. Whatever is happening has gone on in real time and there are very few secrets.


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