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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trinket Love

Is this butterfly ring cute or what?

Sometimes a piece of jewelry can really make a look pop!

I like to accessorize. It is part of the fun of being a woman.

The ring goes nicely with the butterfly bracelet which is made of leather. An interesting combo leather and the butterfly no?

These necklaces I picked up at the fair when we went last month. I think I have worn them all now.
Here are a few of my necklace holders. Why when I am getting dressed and trying to accessorize do I feel like the selection needs to increased or be tweaked?

Can you believe I found this darling thing thrown out on the side of the road? It reminds me of a mail box and a weather vane.

Here I am decked out for graduation last year. I am not doing it justice but that dress is well made. It was a delightful last minute upscale thrift find. Score!


  1. I live in a town with a thrift store on every corner. I spent $4 to get a new set of china and anything I could carry in a cart. Plus, all of it goes to the humane society. Thrift stores are amazing places to discover new things.

    1. Sounds lovely! I love great deals and fun extras. I need to share more about all the fun we have and have had.

  2. I loooove butterflies. Even have one tattoo of a butterfly. I'm also a frog fan. Trinkets can be so much fun and make a great statement of personal expression!

    1. Nature can be so inspiring. Glad you get my drift. hehehehe