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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Video #3

Hello Again All,

I think I might be getting the hang of video blogging. I am still not a huge fan. Or if I am there is still something about the written word.

My lame camera does not help. Maybe it is helping you. It is keeping me still and calm. I would love to be more animated.

That makes things blurry however. Instead I am trying to keep still and in frame. Oh well. Enjoy!

Find Ms Munchie on her blog or on Twitter where I think I met her.


  1. Congrats on your win! You are sooo calm. But you got a bit animated about the jam! lol

    Oh, my daughter totaled my car this week on her way home from work. :-( But the insurance payoff minus the deductible was still HIGHER than when I bought it five years ago! IS that a God thing or what! Now I'm on a car hunt. sigh. I hate cars. I'd rather have horses and a carriage ... Horses can make more horses.

    1. Oh I do not envy your search. Bless you. I let my daughter drive around a little with me after her job...we have a ways to go.

      I hope she will get the kinks out and never have an accident or at least not a really bad one. I do plan on getting her a car or helping her get something cheap.

      Mine isn't much but I need it! hahahaha

      I have to act calm or my camera loses me, you see all the blur that is why I need a new one. I can talk so fast people think I am not breathing!

  2. Nice bag of goodies. I think you're doing pretty well on the vlogging so far. I haven't worked up the nerve yet :-)

    1. Ya thanks! It has been surprisingly fun. Try some videoing it is fun. You do not have to post them if you do not like them. I have to sleep on mine sometimes.