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Friday, October 19, 2012

Healthy Fall Eating

Here we are going in to the fall season. The nation exploded with chatter about the Pumpkin Spice Starbucks Latte. 
I have never had one. The one I had from another local vendor was less than impressive. 

I am a Mocha kind of girl who adds spices to her French Pressed coffee already to achieve various flavor intensity all year.

I mention the seasonal treat for a couple of reasons. One is that issue of seasonal tastes and treats. We all enjoy food. It is half the fun of eating and many times part of the reason trying to get a handle on things, when they are out of whack in our diet can be so hard.

Certain tastes flavors and textures just lend themselves to times of the year.
One of the more problematic reasons I mentioned the seasonal latte is because drinking extra calories can be a real diet saboteur. 

The liquids we consume might be a key to weight and a host of other issues we are facing. Maybe tomorrow I will make a post on water consumption. I know it is not every ones favorite thing to drink as far as taste and flavors are concerned. Still doing what is best for one’s health is our goal.

I do not drink water because I like it. I gulp it down because it is good for me. If only ingesting vegetables was also this easy for me…

If you are dreading the season we have entered not to mention the winter months to follow due to all the delightful food temptations headed our way please take heart. 

Do not dread. Eating well does not mean you cannot have treats. It means you need to eat more balanced.

It means you need to add fiber and water. Living well will include getting moving if you are not already and weight loss will get a mighty shot in the arm if you ramp up your work out even for a few weeks.

As October is winding to a close get a food journal going. By the first of next month you should see your patterns and weak spots.

If you are not eating three or more meals evenly spaced throughout the day your body probably assumes you are in a famine and is reacting by hoarding calories.

When you are improperly hydrated (this means not drinking water) it slows down your metabolism. You want your metabolism on RED HOT and on HIGH. 

You accomplish this first by:
  1. Eating 
  2. Hydration
  3. Less Junk Foods 
  4. Less Highly Processed Complex Food 
  5. Enjoying Simple Natural Whole Food Items
I am convinced a person cannot over consume for their activity level on a one ingredient natural diet. 

The great thing is by switching out even one or two meals or snacks that are usually chips or a baked good low in fiber for something easier to digest it frees up calories to purpose towards a treat or extra.


  1. I am a big fan of the "one ingredient natural" foods. But I love my treats, too! Sometimes I strike a good balance, sometimes .not so much. Thanks for an inspiring post

    1. I snack on the one ingredient things more often than not. When I eat well balanced I do not feel bad about an indulgent food or snack. If a day gets really off track the next 24 hours is a new chance to get it right.

      We can do this! I promise those who will put the principles in place.

  2. Good advice as the holidays are approaching. I've found, too, that drinking water throughout the day truly helps one feel healthy and hydrated.

    1. I have found when and if I do not drink water...ugh I start to get a headache. The skin around my finger nails acts up as well.

  3. I drink lots and lots of water and crave it when I drink less or something different. And yes, headaches for sure.

    The one thing I find easy is drinking water except at restaurants... I have vitamin additives for water when I find it too boring.

    The foods get me though. Especially during holidays and after one I always jump on the eating healthy band wagon but quickly make excuses to jump off.

    Not this time. This time it's about making more creative meals and enjoying new foods and swallowing those healthy ones I really don't enjoy.

    Thanks for writing and reading,

    Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy

    1. I do not eat out much so I feel free to enjoy a soda or something else that might be more fun than strictly nutritional.

      I also reason that eating well most of the time is not undone by a meal or event. Remember that every day is a food journey unto itself.

      Every meal or snack is a chance to be healthier.

      Menu planning is a great idea. I also like to shop well and have healthy snacks on hand. Be blessed and check in.

      You can do it!

  4. <--- Guilty on not drinking enough water! Thanks for the reminder :)

    1. We all need a reminder or support along the way from time to time. At least it is a day to day meal by meal thing. Easy enough with room for pie and other yummy fun things too~!

  5. Water gets me all the time! Need to drink more. Getting a glass now!

    1. I am probably under hydrated right about now too. A new study came out however that said we do not need to drink 8 glasses a day.

      Balance is key. Keeping water handy is another trick. I like mine room temp cool but not cold or warm.