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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

35 Blogging Prompts

I have gotten out of the blogging/writing habit. This is bad as school days come to a close and papers are due.

It is even worse for the poor little blog which just sits here.

The irony is there are things I want to write about. I just do not feel like I feel like writing if that makes any sense.

I even have a ton of blog prompts jotted down on pieces of paper. So today I help myself in a few ways.I am also helping you who need a jolt of inspiration. 

Worse case scenario you will know all about what my blog posts through the end of the year will look like.

What is more likely to happen: Life.

I write about what is going on, what has happen or whatever captures my passion when I come to the page.

Animals – Elephant
My 1st Car
Real overnight successes
Sisters or growing up without them…
Independent Voters
Undecided Voters
Why I write Non Fiction
San Francisco
New York
Jig Saw Puzzles
Girlfriend Get Aways
Multiple Streams of Income
Direct Selling Adventures
Pizza Box Guitar for kids
Adoption/Foster Care
Being the scoop
Stories of my teen antics
Bacon or Coffee
TV Viewing Seasonal
Public Service
Public (Motivational) Speaking
Sustainable Living
Sugar Substitutes and Cancer risks
Job Hunting
Colds and Flu/Prevention and fighters
Attachment Parenting


  1. My, you certainly have a lot of choices here. Hope to see you blogging more often!

    1. I need to churn out some papers and I have all of November off to

      I have lots of ideas but...something more is needed...where is my muse???

  2. Good list. I'm intrigued by Girlfriend Gets Always??

    1. I am intrigued too. I have never done anything like that but now I kind of want to. Maybe for a weekend maybe for a whole vacation. Camping or jet setting somewhere. I have not seen my best friend from high school since high school and I will be 40 in a few years...I think this calls for a get away!

  3. That will keep you busy! Can't wait to see what you have to say :)

    1. hahahaha I can't wait to see if other people use my prompts. Many of my posts have come from previous listings and I have at least one more set of about 35 listed.

      Still you can see at least a month of silence on the blog. I have been distracted. I need a little more to do. I work best on deadlines. hahahaha

      I am kinda bored with the UBC however. I feel like I peaked maybe. I want more engagement.

  4. If I may inspire you to further research your cold and flu prompt. I have a giveaway going on for Halo Oral Antiseptic Spray and it really works! Let me know what you think if you can pop over between your studies :) Looking forward to reading about some of these prompts!

    1. I have been using some natural and natural based products non drugs to deal with colds and flu these past few years. I have posted it on my other blog but never here.

      I like to give people options using things they have already or should have on hand. Vitamins, fruit or veggies, plus supplements and tools like the Neti Pot for nasal rinsing.

      Sometimes you are too broke or too sick to get what you need if you do not already have it. If I have a moment I will visit and see what your product is all about.


  5. You, lady, are the bomb!! Got some great ideas from your list. Yes! The stories just popped into my head. Thanks again.

    1. Glad to be of service! hahahahah Can't wait to read where you take things.

  6. Good for you - it's your blog and you should be free to write about whatever is on your heart! :)

    1. It is my party for sure! Glad you stopped by!

  7. Those are great prompts. :) I decided for this month to answer all the questions my readers have for me. :) It helps a bunch when writing a post.

    1. Thank you. Inspiration can come from anywhere or anyone. hahahaha