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Monday, November 5, 2012

Undecided Voter 2012

It took me until late last month to remember the reason for undecided voters. I know there are actually many. Still I am talking about why candidates stump and have debates.

All citizens in good standing have the right to vote and should exercise it. This includes being informed which is not always easy. It takes time.  

With everything that one can find out on paper or online the in public test of a candidates abilities cannot be ignored. 

Not everyone inspires admiration when they speak or draws people in with their communication. Some people do it better than others. Leaders emerge when put to the test. Those who would follow them are in receiver mode and latch on when they hear something they need, want or perceive as beneficial.

Never the less there are the non-informed coin flippers that will vote. I remember hearing the parties are the same” a lot during previous election seasons.

For those who feel this way the issues on the table are not ones that concern them. Worse is when people get jaded and don’t think their voice/vote counts. 

The current POTUS has had these four years to present himself and his abilities to us. 

The deck was stacked against him with those who did not vote him in but there was always hope. There have even been changes here and there.  

Some were disappointing but most not shockingly so. 

I was discussing the issues with a contact who said for the first time in her various voting years she was not enthusiastically attracted to either major party candidate for president. I was a bit shocked. 

The right person for a job is not always someone you want to 'go grab a beer with'.

Having someone personally so warm, fuzzy and impressive that you might want them in your living room is gravy. What a big nation or organization needs is someone to make the hard decisions, tow the line and bear the responsibility.

This year there were a few key things so important to me the only option was to align with whoever could support them. 

Thus proving the quote “Politics make strange bedfellows.”

It is not a blind alignment. I watched all year to make sure those I was looking to did not disqualify themselves by showing fear, weakness or faltering on the things I wanted them to stand for.

Many people were waiting for this moment when basically all has been said and done.
There are those who dislike all the options equally.

The questions are marinating.

“Is voting non mainstream really a vote against the major party candidate they would most like?"

1 comment:

  1. Some youtube posters has talked about this issue


    And so I think the solution maybe point based voting. People could allocate either 5, 3, 1 points to each person or party of their choosing.

    Just for your consideration, the presidential election has passed anyway, if were americans I would wrote down Ron Paul