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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reading Speed Test Results

My score was 408. This means I could read the following books with the times in hours that follow their titles.

Fascinating huh? The good thing is I have read a lot of them. The rest of them I am not interested in. 

I will underline the ones I have or want to fully read.

Lord of the rings 19 Hours

Catch 22 - 7 Hours

1984 - 3.5 Hours

Grapes of Wrath 7 Hours

Fountain head 13 Hours

The Last of the Mohicans 6 Hours

A Tale of Two Cities 5.5 Hours

Huckleberry Fin 4.5 Hours

Wuthering Heights 4.5 Hours

To Kill A Mockingbird 4 Hours
Catcher in the Rye 3 Hours

The Color Purple 3 Hours

All Quite On the Western Front 2.5 Hours

Lord of the Flies 2.5 Hours

Slaughterhouse 2 Hours

Alice In Wonderland 1 Hour

The Wizard of Oz 1.5 Hours

The war of the worlds 2.5 Hours

The Bible in less than 40 Hours

War & Peace 24 Hours


  1. I'm dyslexic so knew I'd be slower. I was at 246. I've learned a few speed reading tips but didn't use them here because I loose comprehension when I do them. I love reading though, so I don't let my slow speed stop me.

  2. I guessed on the quiz at the end because the time limit made me feel rushed. I love to read too. I read for pleasure and do not worry about how fast I go normally. I agree speed reading is not the goal or the best way to get through material and fully appreciate it. Still I am in college right now so it is helpful to know how to skim along and get what I need quickly.

  3. That's the secret behind my reading all those journals! I read rather rapidly.
    And, yes, ToscaSac, many of these tests don't yield the proper results because we feel the imposition of the test.
    But, read- at whatever speed you are comfortable- and enjoy the rid

  4. Oh this was just silly fun. I do not put too much stock in it. Yet I took a speed reading class and found that I knew all the tips provided. I am good at reading and reading between the lines. My comprehension is high as well. Reading is fun. Reading is fundamental. hehehehehe