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Monday, March 19, 2012

Honor Your Beauty Now

I was in a public bathroom a few years ago where I overheard a beautiful young vibrant woman bemoaning her body shape. Now to be honest she might have been carrying a few extra pounds in a healthy North American kind of way.

Still she was as I mentioned young and vibrant looking. Her body shape appeared to be the pear. She had long dark hair, fair skin and the inches of height I envy at 5ft2.5 with a heeled shoe.

I would not have called her fat or unattractive. She had a spring in her step, a fun laugh, a sly smile, friends and hobbies. I knew all of that because of our association outside of the bathroom.

Having just that much of a connection to her before this bathroom incident I went up to her as she stared in the mirror with friends. Darn us skinny minis I do not think there was another pear in the room with us.

I told this young woman I saw her beauty both inside and out.

I asked her if the other women in her family regardless of weight also appeared to share her shape. She nodded that they did. 

I told her body shapes are beautiful and the biggest thing is to learn to dress with your best foot forward and play up your assets.

Further I told her if she was really feeling dumpy or frumpy especially concerning the way she had been eating or failing to work out there were simple fixes for that.

Make new healthy changes.

Mentally and verbally beating ourselves up is far less motivating or result producing. What we do and eat can affect how we feel. 

If eating well from all sources of nutrients, vitamins and proteins, plus moving in some sort of activity regularly does not improve emotions and mood there might be other complex problems at work.

Usually, problems aside, eating a good meal and getting moving should add a boost to self concept and attitude each day. Making a healthy change like nixing smoking or soda for water and pure juice drinks could have a dramatic effect in even the first few days.

Exercising releases endorphins and hormones. It also ironically provides more energy over the course of a day. These are fascinating old world secrets. 

Things our ancestors knew because they experienced it without the science and technology to explain how and why it works.

I know from my own journey it was empowering to live better. When the scale was not moving and I could not see what was happening I knew what I was putting in my body had gone from non natural to natural and that had to be a positive. 

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race.

Change what you say to yourself.

Change how you look at yourself. 

Find the beauty in who you are right now even if you want or need to make changes.


  1. Thank you for writing this very inspiring post :)

  2. You are of course very welcomed hun!

  3. I look at myself after kids and see a bigger woman- but I don't sweat it. I work out. And we eat whole foods. And that means whole everything- fats and sugars and I love dessert. It's a compulsion. :) But, I love exercise, too. I'm comfortable and maybe one day, I'll give up that sweet shortcake. But, not just yet. :)

  4. Ladies,

    I'm a male so I will give my honest opinion becuase we live in a world that gives women a skewed perspective of beauty. I've seen women who imho are so beautiful and I'm not talking about the television standpoint of view of a beautiful body. Women are unique God created beings who can do remarkable things but physically and spiritually. So I love you all with meat on your body!!!! Stay beautiful ladies

    Nice post

    Lewis Randall

  5. Thank you, thank you! I am glad to hear responses from those who seem to have a positive out look on it all.

    I agree women are creatures of beauty. There is nothing worse than seeing that and talking to someone who cannot.

    Still I think it helps to discuss frankly these issues. It is also nice to have a male perspective joining with ours.

    Blessings all.