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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am Women Hear Us Roar

It is international women’s day? I do not think I have ever celebrated before.

I did so by going to the new grocery store in town. Wahoo. I even put a curl or two in my hair.

This was the high light of my week. It could be lame if I let it. Instead I am ecstatic to be alive even if that is only because my future has to look brighter than my present.

I do love this time in history. It is not as depressing or stifling or upsetting as those ranting about it would make it seem. I used to be a Rush Limbaugh style slut

Now I am reclaiming my chastity. I sowed my wild oats. Now all I want to do is settle down with a house and a husband. I just did it backwards which I hear is all the rage.

Have cat and teen girl will travel Cinderella style up through my status to a new one. It is not that I expect anyone else to take care of me. I just fully believe two are better than one and there is almost no way I could be kept down if there was anyone else to work with.

I am a strong woman. I have always dated emotionally available men. I have never been dumped neither were any able to break my heart.

These things being true I have a great love and respect for the male gender. I value their differences and what they bring to the table. I know there are chauvinists and other negatives associated with men. Still I think there is plenty of room for women to be all and do all that they really want to do. 

Without sisters, family near by or a huge circle of girlfriends I think I am missing out on what might be the best of what being a woman has to offer socially and emotionally.

Still I enjoy the soft, beautiful sides of life. I do not watch chick flicks nor do I fill up on chick lit. I wear dresses and skirts, make up and jewelry heels and cute shoes. When I do these things depends on my mood. I am just as at home in a t-shirt or tank and tennis shoes.

I like: 
Candles, incense, pantyhose, hair accessories, scarves, décor, color, flair, high pitched, laughter, giggling, heart/emotion, kittens, puppies, babies, nature, moonlight, sunsets, sunrise, art, shopping, ice cream, chocolate, money, credit, helping people, counseling & therapy, sleeping, talking, community, gathering, scents, flowers, tea, romance, clothes, cooking, baking… 
Who does not like all of these things?

I do not get: 

My nails done



My own way all of the time and that is okay.


  1. I got chocolate from my husband for Women's Day. I'll be celebrating the day more next Wednesday by going to a detox treatment (feet spa) and a massage. :)

  2. I'm pleased with the introspection that the current political discourse has arroused in women. I was one of the '60s and '70s libbers and have gotten depressed about the current female focus on sex and exposure. It has come about from male-interest advertisement plays right into the hands of male chauvanists and abusers.
    I agree with most of your likes, but I do NOT like pantyhose and therefore wear pants not skirts. For my first few years of professional employment, I was at a medical school that did not allow women employees to wear pants, although we often had to climb on stools and ladders to do our job (this gave us some uncomfortable exposure). When miniskirts became the fashion, we were finally allowed to wear pants, and I have worn them ever since!

  3. I am coming to appreciate leggings and tights for layering. I also appreciate how in recent years the bare leg has become acceptable in many places. It is not a perfect world and there are still issues among us. Never the less I enjoy being a woman. I think we have power and need to share it to see it. We cannot make abusers think differently but we can refuse to be groomed and manipulated.