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Monday, March 5, 2012

Recycle Be Frugal

It is warmer outside than it is in my house. With all this talk about gardening it has had me outside in my tiny back yard. The only thing I am growing is the recycling collection but were you might see a mess I see potential small errand or gas money.

I can be glad that local recycle stations will take the milk cartons. Not all the sites in town will and milk is more of a staple in most homes with kids than water so that is rather sad to see them going into the garbage.

Smashing larger containers helps with storage for transport. It began to concern me that I had more than the back of the little car can hold without folding down the back seats.

Meanwhile I ran across a tweet which led me to a web site that recycles and refills ink cartridges. Suddenly recycling became today's blog post theme. 

Here is a basket of items we have out grown or no longer want:

Half a dozen jeans both short and long
Under shirts & things
3 Purses
1 Pair of sandals
Ladies skirt and jacket x2
A summer skirt & tank
Work out pants

Some of the items are nice enough to be traded in for resale others will go to one of our favorite thrift stores.

The mini tv from my bedroom is collecting dust on the stairs. I have had it for 4 years. I bought it from a yard sale. Two years ago I dropped it during a move and it messed up the picture tube. Good thing I do not watch a lot of tv from bed eh?

Finally I am ready and able to let it go. The center where I can recycle that is just a few miles away. They take all kinds of electronics, computer and even car parts etc.

To round up this little conversation about our simple frugal life the chest of drawers in my closet. I was driving home from a friends house in Elk Grove one night. I saw it on the side of the road and snagged it. It was a chore getting it into the back seat of the Mercury Tracer. 

The seats had to be compressed to get its edging under the top of the car frame and I think I had to leave the windows down or something else.

It was in fairly decent condition if not exactly perfect. I liked that it had most of its knobs, I gave it to my daughter and she decorated it…

This last year she found a bigger set of drawers with a mounted mirror at the Goodwill across the street. We bought that one and I took the smaller one. 

I gave her the master bedroom because the second bedroom in this little rental has a walk in closet. They may not be overly expensive but I like having many changes of clothes.


  1. Being thrifty, frugal, and a minimalist is one of the joys of my life. I take pride in it ^_^

  2. I love getting a good deal for cheap. I like knowing that I am making the best use of time and not leaving a huge mess for someone else or the next generations. Life is good.

  3. Food this for milk gallons :

  4. An interesting and fun looking idea.