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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Headline Touches Home

Ever have one of those days? One where you know things are just going to be weird? Yesterday was one for me. I just had no idea how weird.

I set it up weird to start with. I went to bed with my alarm set wonky. My clock is set too fast and I set it to get me up early. I probably had 40 min when it went off. 

I hit off and snoozed for 60. When I woke up and turned on the radio I could hear the program I usually hear as I am leaving the house and knew that was the time.

So it was 10 to 8am. I have an 8 am class that I totally blanked on attending last week. Two in a row epic fails. I was thinking how is this not Monday? 

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. A few more odd things happened before I could get to school and in class. I took a moment to sit and contemplate whether or not these were signs to alter my day. 

When I left the building after class I got lost. Not really but I took a wrong exit which had me all turned around and out of my way. I wanted to just head home but I needed to visit the grocery store.

I came home and my daughter was not feeling well. She made it to her afternoon class and back. Then just when it seemed we might have a quiet night she burst into my bedroom.
Her complaint was about her glitching phone. It won’t charge, it won’t hold a charge, it will not stay on…yada yada yada. Teen phones take a lot of abuse.

Around 5pm I turned on KCRA 3 as usual. There was a lone tow truck on an empty highway with a reporter trying to explain the scene.

I saw the scandal going on in San Francisco with the sheriff accused of public domestic abuse from months ago now moving forward. How did I miss news of this?

No idea. Never the less things were about to get very serious around here very fast. My daughter burst back in still having phone issues but able to tell me “Mom that tow truck driver was D a step family friend.”

Uh Oh

She took my phone and we plugged mine into the lap top as she had me scroll back the Uverse recorder to get more details from the news bit about the accident. By the time we did that it was 6pm and time to revisit the headline issue.

She began to help alert the rest of the step family and then she burst into my room one more time now in tears.

"Mom, he didn’t make it" she wailed!

She had been making plans to join her step mother and step sisters at the hospital with the victims family. She went to keep her step mother company. Her step sisters have little kids to watch and care for.

She took my phone and spent the night with the step family. Her Facebook was updated a of times. (I have no idea how she does that) If you want to reach me you have to know her # because I have her phone still.
Yes it is acting wonky. When I put the laptop in hibernate it read 99% charged. When I awoke it said 88%.

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