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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Notes on a Scandal

I am resisting the urge to just troll around trying to turn this blog into a headline chaser. Still some issues just scream at me.

Anyone who has been reading along might know I like reality tv, some talk shows and crime drama. This leads me to local and nationwide scandal stories.

I heard about this a couple of weeks ago and it was just on Dr Phil that is how much traction is has gained since hitting the local media.

California teacher moves in with barely legal former student is the headline if you will. 

Do I mind May December relationships? No

Do I understand that marriages fail? Sure

Could this be just another ugly mother daughter break away? Maybe

Still this story just feels slimy.

My heart breaks for the teachers wife and children. I hope the young former student will wake up one morning and realize what terrible positions her boyfriend has put her in and why the nation is up in arms.

If he had made a clean break before finding a girlfriend I could have more respect for him. Even if he was still living in the marital home but maybe sleeping in a separate room. Going from a warm bed to the media hot bed just reeks. I understand the jolt of chemistry we call love in the modern era.

I was young and ridiculous once. I dated my daughter’s father in the wake of women he had hurt. They were not wives or girlfriends however. I would like to think there has always been that line. "If he will do it with you he will do it to you" over "how a man treats a woman is an indication of how he sees all women".

I am at a stage in my life where I have high expectations of anyone I would connect my life to. Not salary requirements. Instead I mean moral standards. I want a man to lead well. I want a man to make wise long term decision especially concerning me and my relationship with him.

Too many sad sob stories involve an innocent na├»ve girl who falls in with someone going nowhere or worse in a wrong direction. 

Still as the story plays out there are things I notice all around. Very early on I wondered where is this gals father. If an hour on Dr. Phil cannot help me get clear on what is going on with a family that is a bad sign. It is exactly how things played out. It is unraveling like an onion. 

Tonight I went and found the moms Facebook page. Among other things... it indicates that she, mom got engaged in December. Daughter turned 18 in September and the new illicit couple moved in together in recent weeks. I do not have to be a betting woman to connect the dots. It is as simple as it is complicated. 

I posted somewhere else that watching this relationship unfold must feel like watching a loved one get caught up in a cult. I joked that if this is innocent it was set up so badly it might as well be the foundation for a tell all book to finance their relationship.


  1. It's pretty slimy. He seems so domineering. Blech.

    1. He was arrested. Another former student came forward.

  2. He does not phase me but I am not a naive and impressionable 18 year old. I think it took...nerve to go to the girls house with out her and move her out under the mothers shocked gazed. This couple is a hot mess.