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Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Hate Moving

Move is after all one of those four letter words.

One of my quips on what I hate about it is  

“Organized people get disorganized while moving” and everyone who knows me knows I am not the overly organized type. 

I am not generally militant or nit picky enough.

I rather like to mosey along and let things live where they live and such.

Life however does not seem to understand my desire to not bounce around.

We moved fourteen times between 2007 and 2010. I hated moving before all of that non sense and doing it over and over has not changed my feelings on iota.

The worst of it is when it comes out of the blue with no notice and or when funds are limited or unavailable to secure new lodging.

The latter is where I am currently.

I have chronicled some of the interesting people we lived with on another one of my blogs and to a community of folks at one time. 

Only one was dangerously criminally violent.

For the last few years the teen and I have lived in a cute little two bedroom condo with just us. She invited her step sisters to stay with us once each but those situations were short lived for many reasons.

When I left the familiarity of staying with family or friends I turned to Craigs List. I found my last job there and use it for other things as well. My goal was always to find ideally a single mom or woman who was renting out just one room in her home.

Under ideal circumstances I would love to live communally but scanning CL in a panic while trying to move unexpectedly or without a lot of cash is not ideal circumstance. It takes the right mix and levels of maturity for people to live well together. They also need to feel a sense of balance. The contribution everyone makes has to be seen as equal or at least acceptable.

In total we stayed with five strangers. Two of them were great but ironically those two residences were where we spent the least amount time. Only about two or three weeks in either place. 

We moved in with a new widow who was trying to supplement her suddenly diminished income. She had cleared out a small room in her home to rent but then her daughter called and said she needed child care or maybe to move in and the widow decided she needed the small room for a nursery.

Later we moved into a condo much like the one we are in with a delightful state employee who we really enjoyed getting to know. We even did a few things together. Sadly her out of town landlord got edgy about her subleasing and disallowed the contract almost as soon as we sent it for review.

Not knowing where I will end up bouncing to next makes it hard to pack, is another thing I rail about when a move is thrust upon me.

It hurts worse to burn bridges or loose contact with people we have liked or those who have helped us out as much as they can.
It all leads me here to share, asking people to help and share to help us get through this.

Social media at its best.

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  1. We're in the same boat as you, looking at leaving where we are yet again, with no funds and nowhere to go. It sucks, but I'm just hoping it's all going to work out OK. I hope it does for you too, and wherever you end up is just awesome for you. Good luck! I'm sorry I can't donate any money, but I do send you love and compassion on your journey xx

    1. Oh my so sorry to hear that. I am trying to look on the bright side that moving will mean in many ways starting over. If I rent from others I don't need utilities in my name and will pay less of course etc.

      My plan was to pay back my landlord $200 a month and that plus half my rent is still less than my rent now living in her condo so I just need to find a job.

      Hope you get what you need quickly as well. I will probably keep sharing about the journey. I know my blog readers have missed me since this all began and this year in general.

      Plus NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. We could each write the next great American novel and become fabulously wealthy which would mean moving for all sort of fun reasons and all the support we would need. hahahahah

  2. I wish you the best. That is a tough situation you are in but you have a wonderful attitude about it. That makes all of the difference. Alana visiting from UBC.

    1. Thank you. I am almost excited if I did not have to move by myself with the miniscual budget and no new home nailed down as of yet with the weekend between where I am living and where I need to be! eke lol sigh

      Gotta laugh or cry as they saying goes.

  3. 14 moves in 3 years? You poor thing but your attitude to it helps. Stay positive!

    1. Yes it was quite the crazy and left us a bit shaken but we are still here so that's positive. Thanks

  4. I hate moving too. I certainly didn't move 14 times in the last three years (I think it was 8?) but oh my goodness do I hate moving. It's so hard to feel settled when you're always changing homes. Aaagh. I'm glad that you guys made it! :)

    1. I know a lot of people have survived such harrowing times with all the mortgage losses in recent years. Like felines my daughter and I usually landed on our feet so I am hoping this move will turn out that way and sooner than later! I hope you are more permanently settled as well for the future. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Oh wow, I just saw this! I've had a pretty traumatic year health-wise and income-wise; if I had to move on top of all else, I'm fairly certain it would kill me. Except if I had to move, I would drive 500 miles north and live in Mom's spare bedroom. And my daughter would camp out in her narrow sunroom. At least, that's what I tell myself so that I don't worry about it...