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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And Kitten Makes Too Many

I put a post on my ‘raising a teen girl’ blog about my teen.

We are an animal loving family. I am a cat person.

My daughter adopted a cat and brought home a feeder mouse from her friend who has a pet snake.
So our house has three pets now. My cat came from our landlord right around the time we moved into this little two bedroom condo.

The adopted cat and the mouse are both pets on the down low if you will. I am pretty sure my lease says “One pet only” or at least suggests that all pets be reported and authorized.

The mouse since it lives in a small terrarium I think I could get a pass on easier than a whole cat. Not that I seriously think the extra cat would be a cease and desist issue if I had decided to declare it.

Perhaps it was missed that I wrote “My daughter adopted a cat” instead of we added another cat to our house hold.

I know I am the adult and that makes me responsible. Half the reason I have a blog about raising a teenager is because teenagers PUSH these lines and authority boundaries.

The kitty was our neighbors. It had indoor out door privileges over there. More out than in.

Because it was use to people and being around them it allowed my daughter to adopt it. The other feral felines in the area are less tolerable of human contact.

Kitty number two is not even what this post is about.

I have even forgiven my daughter for having to mouse sit while she was on a 10 day trip out of state.

What stopped me cold was when she recently brought home a kitten that she got for herself from a friend as a birthday present.
She had the nerve to cry when I put my foot down.

"You don’t clean cat boxes, I did not want and we have not declared the last cat, this condo is just big enough for the creatures currently living in it AND with finances currently restricted it is a struggle to keep the cats we have fed."

"Kittens need kitten food."

I could have ranted and raved. I could have gone on and on. I did neither of these things. I told her she had a week before I would put that kitten out of our home.

Quickly as in the same day she found the kitten a new home.

It is still hers but it now lives at her boyfriends house down the street and around the corner.

Did I mention they live in a three bedroom house with five kids and six cats?

Guess who is ruling the feline roost?

The Kitten. Hahahahaha

I was sad kitty could not have spent the week here. I am after all a cat person. I was serious however about the kitten not living here as long as all the other creatures stay and other circumstances stay as they are.
...unless my daughter wants to un-adopt her other kitten perhaps.

The neighbors moved away but mentioned something about wanting their cat back if ever we were moving. I couldn’t believe those words were said. My daughter seemed to take them to heart. 

It looks like we will see...

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