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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random 2012

I think a word for the year 2012 is going to be random. I like my life a little random. We cannot plan or schedule all the success and entertainment we want and need in our lives.

I like my schedule open with free time filled by things that just pop up.

The phone rings and you talk for hours.
A surprise text starts a conversation and lets you know someone it thinking about you.
Something hilarious happens and you just roll with laughter.
Time with pets or babies
Time alone
Comfort food
An impromptu outing, movie or meal
A 4 course meal from scratch
Ordering out
Friends stop by
An afternoon nap
A time of uninterrupted musical enjoyment
A windfall
A new friend
This bright sunny no rain no cloud California winter
Ice Cream
Fresh bread

If your life is a little too planned, boring, scheduled… take a moment and do something random just for yourself.

It is liberating and can produce joy or at least allows you to breathe a little easier.


  1. great reminder to just flow with life. Life isn't about planning, it's about engaging. Thanks again.

  2. Ah yes it is good to be reminded of the fact that even though i am bored with not having any work there are so many good things about having lots of time on my hands....yes it is the randomness....I can choose to not stress about doing something in particular and just go with the flow...thanks for reminding me

  3. Glad this was so engaging and inspiring. Thanks ladies! Happy 2012

  4. this is a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. Everyone needs time to just do something random for themselves :)

  5. I agree Jenn,

    It has helped me keep sane as a single mom. I would cherish the time after my daughter went to bed when she was little. I give myself permission to just enjoy whatever free time I can wrangle out of my days. I find that I can be very productive but I do not put pressure on myself to always be producing. Life is a gift. Too many people rush through it miserable and blind to that fact.

  6. I absolutely love your attitude toward randomness. Thank you for leading me to this post.

    1. You are so very welcomed. I do not even like to think inside the box so embracing that life is not confined there is invigorating for me!