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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are You A Ginger?

I thankfully do not watch South Park. Is that where this idea that red headed people otherwise known as Gingers are all evil comes from in recent times?

I know there is that “red headed step child” cliché people throw around from time to time. I guess in some historical and more superstitious times and places red hair was thought to be a curse and bad sign etc.

I am of the modern Hollywood era where novelty is in. Plus I just like beauty. Long before there were twinkly vampires pale was in, in my book.

It does not hurt that my first high school boyfriend was a blue eyed freckle faced flaming Ginger! Oh he was yummy and thought the same of me. What a hot mess we could have been. Hahahahah

As it was we were two of the most social kids in school and one of my friends commented that as a couple we knew everyone. This was not hard to do in a school that ran about 500 kids but never the less.

I still have known some very dear red headed friends.I still have a few on my Facebook and others I remember fondly from high school.

Hahahahah I love color and variety. I remember reading Anne of Green Gables and wishing I could have something as exciting as red hair while she all the while wanted to be raven haired like her dear Diana.

I heard this term Ginger through a random YouTube video…some angry teen boy ranting and raving his way through life and perhaps to fame playing up the struggles and triumphs of the rarest human hair color on earth. 

I will not confess to how much Conan Obrian I have or have not watched in the past decade or so. All I can say is that is for Coco to know and you to perhaps someday find out.

My daughter before the holiday or around it sometime dyed her hair red and almost immediately realized it was not a great color for her. It did not look bad. It just did not have the pop of the black against her pale skin. 

She left the house Thursday or Friday night and I picked her up after church on Sunday. The top and front two thirds of her hair are jet black. The back and bottom are pale blonde white or strawberry light pink boxy red.

She was saying she wanted to go PINK but girls night with dye packets got the best of them. Her hands were pink her neck was purple the sides of her face were gray. I wondered if the dog and the bathroom had survived the adventure unscathed. She said she thinks so….

No ranting phone calls yet. I hold on to hope.

My mother dyes or used to dye her hair a shade of red. I will stick to loving it on other people. My goal is tan to gold if I can get there before going all gray.

Ginger snap cookies and biting spiced coffee hurray!


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  2. I'm a ginger and I'm proud! But I will confess that I have put a blonde rinse on my hair lately because it covers up grey better than the light auburn. I kinda miss my ginger head. :(

    1. Awww hope you can find a happy hue then in the red family. Last night I saw neon orange yellow and the darker burnt red auburn on two different women there are a myriad of options.

      I am inching closer to dying...eke

  3. I used to dye my hair red all through high school. My red haired bestie used to dye her's black. Go figure.

    1. Girls we always want what we don't have. geez! lol