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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Words for Living

As a mom I wanted to set a good example for my daughter. I decided not to swear around her and I never wanted to swear at her.

It would be a few more years before I was really ready to give up more completely on having a potty mouth.
Course language has just pervaded the common conversation. It used to sound so dirty now it just sounds grow up. Oh how a mighty language has been humbled. As a young teen I remember a certain note pad friends and I were passing around where I had put together clinical phrases that profane but not the off limits words we still knew better than to repeat in front of adults. 

Now modern music can be audio porn. Been Dancing in the dark with a Poker Face lately? Along with that more of the words we used to not say in polite company trend as chorus and lyrics.

My new word hero is Ron from Lizard Lick Towing. He can get you tongue tied without you ever opening your mouth. It is hard to catch all the things he will say.

A few years ago I had a mom friend. She was married with a school aged son from a previous marriage or relationship. We used to talk and get together during the day, online and on nights and weekends. It was one of those friendships that just took off running from day one.

One afternoon my friend began to wind down our fun saying she had to return home. She said it like a prisoner at the end of a furlow. A dark cloud hung over her word. I paused and looked at her.

I had no idea she was beginning to out grow her marriage because she had married immaturely.

What I thought was that she was being over dramatic. Instead we chattered on. Some words she said they just are a certain way. It depends on how you say them or why. Some deserve to be called honorary four letter words we decided.

You know like Monday morning when you want to sleep in but you have to get up and got to work in the rain.

A day when you are low on gas and you need cash.

She rattled me off a list of things that could regularly get on her nerves: I cannot cook, I do not bake. (Her husband worked full time, she did not. He also prepared all the meals)

One day she called me. I need a four letter word for family she said. We thought for a minute: Clan.

Sometimes it is nice to have a fun silly idea to take the edge off the difficulties of everyday life.

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