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Monday, January 16, 2012

80's Roller Flashback

Last night was a trip down memory lane. We went roller skating for free with our DJ playing 80’s hits! You can find him on Facebook DJKatz.

I wore my polka dot stirrup pants. Hahahahaha
There was a lot of pink, side pony tailed hair and other fun things you would remember if you were there.
We are the MTV generation.

I was born in the 70’s but we moved to Sacramento in the early 80’s and it would be a while before I was listening to current radio and wanting to watch videos.

My parents never took me skating. I never owned skates. In 6th grade however if we were really good all month there was a school trip to the rink. I liked it as much for the baseball sized jaw breakers I could get as for the skating which was still tricky for me in those days.

Fast forward to 1996 or 1997. Inline skates had come out. I wanted a pair. They went on sale at a local Kmart for $20.

Last night on the rink I realized it is officially time to retire them and get new ones. They were on my Xmas wish list but I bought a car instead. Usually I have on pants and thick socks but I had on thin socks last night and then the stirrups which are thin.

I felt something sticking me when I first went around a few times so I got off the rink and sat down to check things out. It was a piece of plastic worn past the padding in the left skate. Bummer
I was able to re adjust and press on. We skated the whole time. There is even a group picture to go along with the single random ones. 

The music brought back memories of friends and places, of all the dreams of youth. I can’t believe we are so close to 40. 30 seemed so old when I was growing up. I thought growing up meant I would be tall and fat. I am neither.

It will be fun if I can get some of my local buddies to get out to the rink next Sunday evening. It is right in line with the idea of that new year’s resolution everyone makes to get fit. You can work up a sweat zipping around on wheels.


  1. I hope this works... lol

  2. I thought 30 meant rich, beautiful and successful! LOL Nice article!

    1. I did not give it too much thought. My mother was over weight and people bigger than me were always of course taller. What I really expected was to be married with a house and maybe more children by now. At least I still feel young. Glad you dropped by and enjoyed the story. I am honored.