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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Random Morning

One of the things I bought over the holiday was a new digital clock radio ~&~ cd player for my room.

This was hard to find because Ipod docks are all the rage. Never the less I even got it on sale at Rite Aid. The market is about $30-40. We picked up one at Fry’s one night a few weeks later but it does not have the digital for radio that my daughter wants.

Anyway it took a while for me to set mine up. I also bought a new bed and a host of other things so I have been distracted. I set the alarm for yesterday and just busted out of here because I had a class at 8am.

I thought I had set the radio station…maybe I set the a.m. as I wanted but somehow switched to f.m. and that would explain it… lol

You know how it is. You have things set up a certain way, the way you expect. Something new gets added to the mix or something old gets replaced and you have to find a new groove.

No harm no foul, sometimes it is even fun. Such is this day. I woke up around 8am. The cat and I said hello. I started bustling about and turned on the radio. Usually I am listening to a.m. talk. My daughter is the one who enjoys the f.m. drive time antics. I think she peeps out 107.9 or Rob Arnie & Dawn.

My dial is set for now at 969. It seems I have spent most of the morning in the bathroom between my shower, washing, drying and flat ironing the hair. The only time I spent in my room listening to the radio was as I was outfit planning. 

Ugh checked the weather and saw the fog. Not what a gal who has to flat iron her hair wants to see even on a lazy Friday morning that is unscheduled.

I need to get the car washed by 1pm... so I am hoping the fog burns off.

All that about my life to share what peeked my interest today on the mornings radio show.

Apparently Guy Fiery is teamed up against Rachel Ray to host a celebrity cooking show. Celebrity Cook Off  Did anyone watch? What did you think? I feel so out of the loop. I like the Food Network and cooking but I have been watching more Bravo lately. hahahaah 

I need to set my cable to record that and the Bachelor. I think I already missed a night of the latter. I was out for dinner Sunday night and busy skating Wednesday night. My year is filling up with activity and I love it. There are friends old and new that I need to see or new people I need to make into friends and visit.

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