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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Reality TV Rigged

As a person who does not at all like sitcoms it might come as a surprise that I love reality tv. I will not watch the ones filled with fights and drama by people with too much money or whom have let the fame go to their heads.

This leaves things like Big Brother, the Bachelor series’, other dating shows, shows on real estate and job seeking etc.

So it is Bachelor season again and the Bachelor is Ben. I liked Ben...but last nights episode was really off putting to me. Too artsy fartsy maybe. Supposed analytical blogger Jennifer was like a bad joke.

It was a conversation from the Millionaire Matchmaker where are they now that had me thinking tonight. One of the daters was talking about how the producers had been nudging the date along behind the scenes. 

I never get that sense watching the show. People seem to connect or repel each other naturally. No kisses seem forced or if they do it is clearly one sided not something they are both doing to put on a good show.

Still tonight when Blakely got the rose I had this thought: What if one of the things the producers do even with full knowledge of all the contestants is rig who gets roses.

So say for instance the real instruction is, to drive viewership and a perceived story line or even to keep the daters guessing, give the rose to someone controversial or that you maybe do not even like. Make sure to give a rose to the contestants you really want to stay for the long haul but play up what people think you are going to do not how you really feel.

That would explain differently how Bachelors and Bachelorettes can seem so clueless about the horrible character of a potential partner when every other person in the house sees what they are doing so clearly. It might also help explain why some contestants just seem to fly under the radar and suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

For those of you who have been watching this series does that put a whole new spin on the whole Brad & Michelle Money fiasco??? 

UGH that was a nightmare to watch. I do not know what I find worse a woman trying to dominate a relationship or the men who allow it. I wanted to reach through my screen and tell him to grow a pair and get her out of there.

Still I did not have to look away and hit mute for season 15 like I did last night.

Does anyone remember Who wants to marry a millionaire from 2000? Sometimes I cannot believe people actually get on television without thinking it through...

If I hear another residential reality contestant talking about how hard it is and how much they are missing their family. >Gag< Get over yourselves and buck up! No it is not a cake walk. No you cannot go home and sleep in your own bed every night.

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