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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where to Advertise Blogs

The number one reason I did not start a blog years and years ago when the craze took off: I did not want an online “private” diary.

I knew everyone and their extended circle wanted that feeling of self importance that comes with putting ones self out there. 

I also knew they then were met with the stark reality that no one might notice. A horrible fate no one wants to face. Live Journal has it’s place but so does blogging for fun, visibility and profit.

It took joining Twitter and hanging around there to give me the boost I needed to really dig in as a blogger.

The blog I started last spring has almost three times the page hits that this one has at almost three years old.

It only has twice the followers. 

The first thing blog advertising tip I recommend is click on any of the badges you see to the left or right of blog posts. Add your name and blog to the lists or groups they represent and post a badge.

Next search Twitter for blog contests, parties, rolls, logs challenges and other events. Even if you do not have an account or are not logged in you can search what is publicly trending on Twitter.

The other great place to find blogging viewers community and support is Facebook. Find some groups or pages. I think Iam in 5. (updated...)

Creating a fan page can work but it can also be a pain. You have to really know what you are doing to get that to work. It helps to have a large friend base or maybe a large Twitter following that wants to join you.

Post your blog to your Facebook page as a status update.

You can do this as often as you like. Once a day at most I would suggest. You should probably do it less. Everything depends on your connections and the response you get.

I am on G+ so I add my blog up dates there.

Networked Blogs is an FB ap you can get hooked up with. That will auto post your blog updates to FB as you select. It also connects you to all the other blog authors using the service.

Unless you are already fabulously rich and famous being a successful happy blogger will be about networking.

Make connections, reach out to people.
There are other social networks where you might hang out. Ning, Yahoo, anyone still on AOL anything?, Ravelry, Etsy, Pinterest

Many if not all of them will have ways and places to show case your blog. If you do not already have an established presence and understand the communities approach with caution.

Lastly I will say keep your ear to the ground. There are large blogging conferences such as BlogHer every year. On a much smaller scale there are local events going on.

People are exciting and their energy can be inspiring. When you meet people and make an impression they will seek you out via social media. They will be doubly delighted to find that you’ve posted about the event they remember especially if they have also made an impression on you and there is mention of that.


  1. I've only been blogging for about nine months- and am starting to feel the groove. Pinterest has proven to be a huge asset for referrals- more than twitter or facebook for me- which is funny because I avoided it like the plague for so long! Great post-

  2. I am still avoiding Pinterest. lol Maybe with the new blog I will have to come over and check it out. What do you like about it? I hate pictures so that is half the reason I am not interested.