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Monday, January 9, 2012

Local Coffee

I want to start a non Starbucks coffee MeetUp. I need to see if my favorite coffee houses want to sponsor it. I would love to meet some of their other customers as well as some at home roasters.

MeetUp is offering a January special ½ off dues for organizers. This just sweetens the pot.

Loving my insulated French Press and Burr grinder from Temple Coffee. Their brews are just rich intense and impressive. I was smitten the first time I wandered in. I order usually simple brewed coffee that I add sugar, cream and sometimes powdered chocolate to.

That day I am convinced I tasted fruity high lights in my strong coffee. It was like an adventure in tea. Still it was a strong coffee. I was confused and delighted all at once.

Next up I discovered Coffee Works with their rich history, roasters and pastries. I drop in there from time to time. They had home roasting machines and unroasted beans last time I was there. I just was not quite ready to take the plunge. 

Chocolate Fish what is this java from down unda coffee house of which you speak? Can you say posh and paid parking??? Hahahaha

My first blended drink was at a Pete’s. On father’s day a few years ago the church I was attending was giving out coffee cards to all the dads. I saw an usher still had some in his hand as the sanctuary was empty. 

I approached him and asked if I could have one since I do double duty as a single mom. He blessed me with a card and I decided to splurge and see what the blended drink craze was all about.

My first French Press I bought at World Market one day when they advertised a sale on them for $10. I accidentally broke the glass a few months later. 

I have had a couple since then. Bits and pieces of them linger around my kitchen. I love not having a coffee maker. I heat water on the stove in a pot. I add grounds and spices for 4 minutes with the heat off. I add the liquid to the press and push down the filter.

Piping hot coffee with a kick usually. Cinnamon, cloves and a splash of ginger.

I have been to Jericho coffee and I love Java City brews.

What I really hope to check out next is Origin Coffee and Tea in Rocklin which is a coffee house on a mission. You can work for free there and support them in their endeavor to damper out the sex slave industry.

Could that make you feel good or what?

There used to a be an It's a Grind right near me but it close down. Perk! I just drove by one that all things considered might have to be my go to as soon as I can get a chance to get over there. 

Last but not least the man who had a vision long before Starbucks and McDonalds made it chic cool, Cyber Java. Gus is amazing and makes Mediterranean food along with more common meals and pastries.

Has anyone heard of Bean Heads? Do you have to be a cigar fan to enjoy their ambiance?

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