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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dr Mom Already This Year

My daughter came home sick from all her NYE festivities. Some stomach bug was plaguing the house she stayed at. Oh joy right?

She ended up with something more cold and flu related.
Things seemed fine until they were not fine and then as the evening wore on she began to feel worse.

So here it is Monday morning and I am at home instead of delivering a presentation in my early morning class.

I did not really want to do that anyway but still.

It is not the getting up in front of people that I dislike. It is more the subject matter in this case.

Still these are low moments in a mom or families life when a child is ill. Ironically she is actually sleeping well and if I had gone to school she would not have missed me.

I could have been home before 11am and she can sleep til noon. It just did not seem good to take any chances. She is so ill she might not really have the strength to navigate the stairs and the kitchen.I did put a water bottle by her bed side. It is moments like this when I just cannot imagine if I had to work full time. How single mothers do it will always be a mystery to me.

My first job after she was born my boss got mad at me because I had childcare issues. It confirmed that work could not come first because I did not need that type of stress and aggravation.

Mothering has to come first. Even if all I do is putter around the house making tea and offering moral support.

We have some natural immune boosters to give if she feels up to taking them. I am hoping this will pass quickly. I cannot have a repeat of last year.

Last year I got incredibly sick on NYE and missed the first week of classes in the New Year. That was a nightmare because it was a miserable way to start the year but also because I was taking 24 units!

It is in crisis like this that I usually remember we have misplaced the thermometer. Ugh bad mom. lol

When I get up off this couch it is at least a reminder to spray down the touchy surfaces in the house. Whatever this is my daughter brought home we do not need to share.

It is also just a good idea to do every so often. Between that and hand washing as soon as we come in from going out and about many ills are warded off.

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