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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disliking Facebook

Have you ever been on Facebook trying to find someone you know? 

You know their first and last name even how to spell it but you cannot find them. 

Meanwhile FB is busy suggesting people you are not at all worried about friending since everyone else you know has already friended them. UGH
Yup, I have said this forever. 

I. Dislike. Facebook.  

I loved the book which I devoured one night in a Barnes and Noble Book Store when I stumbled upon it. 
I was super thrilled about the movie when it came out. 

That is the kind of stuff I like to dig into…the sorted minds of weird smart people. Ah yes….

Being on Facebook, now that is another matter. I can appreciate being connected to family members on the other side of the continent. There has been no better way to reconnect with all the kids I went to high school thousands of miles away with in Oscoda Michigan.

Other than that I could skip FB. I do not want to show my face or post 394830295840982 pictures from my life. I already have Twitter, G+, Diaspora accounts and more.

I do not need the FB time line to force feed me. This is a TALL order and they do not measure up.

If I have 300 friends I want to see all their updates and I DO NOT want FB to decide who or what is more important to me. UGH

People say it is wrong to complain about free. All I have to say to that is, Mark Z does not work for nothing.

I do not play games on FB although I really like old Sims so they might finally have something that could be a temptation. 

Still waiting for the latest FB upgrade to get to me.

Yawn. I am in no hurry. Time line is a phrase made up of two 4 letter words. 

My biggest issue with FB is the way it is put and held together. 
Issue number two would be the founding disrespect for privacy. It is bad enough we have to put it all out there. The least web sites could do was not want to exploit it. 

I have been online now for almost 20 years.

I love Yahoo. 

I do not Google search. 

I never liked AOHeck…somethings just do not sound the same when you give up cursing but never mind you know what I mean.

I want the internet, and the sites I visit there on, to let me find what I want. 

Not tell me what I want, not try to predict what I want. 

I like my life, can you guess what I am going to say here, random. I want to see what is new. I want to see news articles. 

I can fill up my tool bar. 

Other peoples' suggestions…are just that. 

Other peoples.

What my friends are doing…yeah so what. 

Are we all lemmings? 

I like people on the fringe and have novelty interests. There are things I would love that I have no current connection to. 

Facebook would keep me from them with it’s mode of exploiting what it thinks it knows about me. ARGH

This frustrates me if I spend any more time than this post thinking about it. 

The rub came when that article came out last year. The top 25 worst passwords

SERIOUSLY folks??? OMGoodness I am all but speechless. Sheeple (Headshake)


  1. I agree with your reasons for hating Facebook, and I ABSOLUTELY agree that we, as consumers, should be complaining about 'free'. (No, sorry, you know those ads on the righthand side? Yeah, we're CONSUMERS, we're being sold to, it's to Facebook's advantage to hang onto us so it can throw more ads at us.) My hatreds include Timeline (it has struck my blog's page, but not my personal page. I loathe it), the privacy issues, and that thing you cite about not facebook deciding which updates I want to see. ALL OF THEM THANK YOU. Eesh. Yeah. If more people were on G+, I'd just drop FB. Like a red hot poker.

    1. Well it is nice to know I am not alone in thinking, about these issues. There are still those like my mother who has never had and probably will never had an account. I on the other hand am still avoiding Pinterest. I usually like to be an early adopter but I am just not all into pictures on the web.

      Well the stock price of FB is sinking... we will see where this goes. Maybe someone with a heart and conscious can take over. Then there might be hope. Where is Tom from Myspace...wait he is on G+ maybe he needs something to do these days.