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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

High Low

The weather has been so nice I had the windows open! California spoiled that is what we are this winter.

I went out back and started working on my little patio. It is/was covered in leaves and tiny berries from the trees.

It is also covered in recyling that we just throw out the back sliding glass door from time to time. That was getting out of hand not too long before we got the car. Big ugly black and white spiders that look fuzzy were having a field day and a few even came into the house!
When I moved in here my car had died which made having stability after all these years slightly bitter sweet.

There used to be a recycler within walking distance across the street. That dried up some how. The container is still there behind a fence but no one comes to open and man it.

Things just piled up until right before like the first rain in fall. My daughter wanted something I think. 

We both got together and bagged it all up. She had a friend come to get her and got between $10-20. For all but two bags that she had no room to take.

Now we are penny scraping again and there is at least $5 out there.

We have quarters for laundry and half a tank of gas. Pay day is the 3rd...

The cat needs food soon too.
With the new car we were able to finally recycle the television that died last spring. I bought a tv/dvd player for myself this holiday season. The mini tv with the distorted picture it is to replace sits at the bottom of the stairs.

I dropped it during one move or another and the picture was never the same but it works. It might only be worth 50 cents. lol sigh

I needed and still could use all kinds of furniture that I could previously afford but not transport. 

Last year this time I was feeling buried under 24 units of school in lieu of a social life. This would have been ok but I got really ill new year eve. 

I was so out of it I missed the whole first week of school and returned around the 15th of January.

At least I figured I was doing myself a favor walking. It was so miserable I couldn’t do it and started getting rides or taking the bus.

The foot commute  would only recommend to someone who lived and worked downtown. Better yet someone who works from home. 

The most miserable thing besides having to be some where regularly without a car after having one was trying to grocery shop.

Thankfully we live across the street from a specialty Mexican grocer. It meant we did not have to starve but it did not always have the best deals or all the items we were used to.

I knew there was a donut shop where I learned to enjoy mochas. What it took me a year to realize is there is a pizza joint on the east side of the same building.

Only housing goes in that direction and we would only walk to school or the laundry.

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