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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Dating Adventure

Oh the things my high sense of adventure, single status and no fear of meeting strangers gets me into. 
Here is a story from an adventure I had last year:

I went speed dating with some geeks from MeetUp. There were no romantic expectations. I had no idea who would show up wearing what. The following are highlights:

Even for an extrovert speed dating might be a bit over whelming. Maybe there were too many, maybe it works better if there is more screening???

One guy sat down and he had on a Google shirt. I asked him if he worked there he said no he is a Trekky masquerading as an IT tech. Sense of humor, check!

Another guy noticed I have my finger nails each painted a different color. Which the gal near me said matched the colors on the Google shirt. 

I held out my hands and then he asked if I also had my toes painted random colors too. I had on sandals and yes my toes are all painted different colors as well. To see them under the table he had on his belt a handy little flash light. LOL

We women were given a list of questions to help get or keep conversations rolling. They ran the gambit let me tell you.

A classic question was Star Wars or Star Trek. Which got the standard answers one, the other or BOTH why not? lol

A silly one was “What is your favorite font?” Which got strange looks...

One that became a favorite was “Name the top three super powers in order of importance?” This one always advanced the conversation.

Apparently if you have read the right book series you know the meaning of life..and everything is 42…hahahaha

I found the group to be very well traveled if at all.

Two younger guys sat playing chess all but oblivious to the goings on around them through all the switching. Finally when it was over they came to sit and chat with me and the gal seated next to me.
The younger of the two wants to create artificial intelligent life. We discussed religion and evolution which intimidated two other guys around us. Maybe they would have preferred we have our discussion in Klingon.

It was an enjoyable ending to a fun silly event. The turn out was nice about 50 of us and only a few more men than women.

I am surprised they are not as excited seeming about Speed Dating for Book Lovers scheduled for next month.


  1. Two of my readers met at a Harry Potter meetup group. They were both super-embarrassed to tell me the story, as if somehow HP is lame. Well, yeah, it is totally lame, but it never occurred to me to be other than happy they found each other.

  2. People can be so weird. HP might be lame but meeting over shared interests and the computer or internet just makes a lot of sense to me. Now if only I could get one of those new 3D printers and...conjure up...oh wait never mind. hahahahaha